Making an entrance

05 Feb 2013

Making an entrance

London’s Weddings By Driven and designer Herve Leger offer brides-to-be tips on choosing the right transport for your big day and, stepping out gracefully

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When a bride leaves her wedding car, it’s often the first time some family or guests see her and it’s always a key shot in her wedding album, so you don’t want it to turn into a moment you’d rather forget as you struggle to get out gracefully in a restricted wedding gown.

To overcome this, two leading experts have come together to offer you their advice on picking the right transport and how to exit it correctly.

Weddings By Driven are the UK’s leading wedding car company, owned by Sevin Sivri and her husband Altay, boasting a fleet of luxury vehicles including super, classic and vintage cars as well as modern Rolls Royce Phantom IIs.

‘As a woman, my focus isn’t the car per se, but the fit of the vehicle to the bride,’ explains Sevin. ‘I have a fashion background and so feel the focus should be on what works for the whole ensemble.

The Sivris recommend considering the following when selecting the big day car:


The sartorial centre piece of the wedding determines the choice of car – no question. The bride needs to sit in the back seat comfortably and reflect en route. Rolls Royce Phantoms with coach style doors give plenty of room for larger full skirted designs and graceful manoeuvre room for a tighter fitted gown. Vintage cars deliver on glamour and a stunning ‘look’ but not on leg room. Consider your dress and your height before opting for a retro exit.


The length from home to the venue is crucial for comfort consideration – modern cars are bigger and better equipped for longer rides. Short journeys are perfect for a vintage car retro glamour arrival. All Weddings By Driven chauffeurs will have visited the venue in advance and have selected the most picturesque and dress practical spot for arrival.


Air conditioning for a summer wedding to avoid make-up shift is a must, and newer models of luxury car have this as standard. Vintage brides could opt for a classic convertible as an alternative (weather permitting).


Timing is everything - it’s absolutely crucial that the small print of how long you have the vehicle for matches not only the pick up and drop off, but photography prior to departing for the ceremony and inevitable cumulative delays. A standard ‘half day’ is actually 3 hours, a time bracket that the team at Weddings By Driven have replaced to reflect their own experience. Theirs is 5 hours; 4 hours with 30 minutes either side to ensure focus is on the bride, photography and above all peace of mind and a stress free journey. Cost cutting on the time bracket can be risky and stressful.


In this social media driven age, allowing us to share real time memories with family or friends that can’t make it to the big day, all Weddings By Driven cars have high speed WIFI for blogger brides or Facebook enthusiasts! Additionally, fridges with the bride’s chosen tipple, personalised number plates for photographs, personalised car ribbon, power points and mini hair styling tools, and a Space NK sourced vanity case of emergency hair and make-up minis are also a standard from the team. A pull down vanity mirror fitted in most models in the fleet is also a welcome detail.

With brides given tips on what car to choose, Patrick Couderc at Herve Ledger London suggests following these steps to avoid mishaps exiting the wedding car:


Whatever the vehicle type always enter bottom first so you can slide into the car backwards


The foolproof way to ensure legs are always together while maintaining a natural posture is to focus on keeping feet and toes pressed together. The rest follows.


Keep shoes parallel with the floor and lift them just enough to clear the sill and swing legs into the car


As the car is low it’s essential to keep legs together before swinging them to the side and standing feet together.


Gullwing doors require an extra trick; exit bottom first and sit on the door ledge before swinging legs out of the car and onto the ground in one movement. Feet together always.


When leaving a Rolls Royce or Bentley never ‘step out’ as the first move. Wedding dress, ball gown or short dress – the secret is to remain seated, swing both legs to the side, shoes touching together, soles down and to exit on the diagonal. It ensures no distressing wardrobe malfunctions or accidental ‘reveals’.


Don’t complicate your exit with a bouquet or other accessories, hand all that to the chauffeur.


Place a hand gently and elegantly above the head to act as a guide of the headroom available. Even without tiara always dip the head just in case.


Wedding gowns with a train must remain on the floor, allowing enough slack to be free of its weight when swinging legs out of the vehicle.


Let your wedding team collect the train, check make-up, hand you back the bouquet, snap the ‘car exit’ photo and applaud the most graceful of exits.

And finally….practice makes perfect: Weddings By Driven will be at the National Wedding Show, February 22-24, with the only Rolls Royce on hand for brides-to-be to practice a graceful exit for themselves. The Weddings By Driven team will be at Stand J26 to assist, with a model dressed by Herve Leger in a long soft pink Jayla gown with train, dubbed by many wedding bloggers as ‘the perfect wedding dress’ – figure hugging yet timeless and elegant.

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