How to make your hair grow for your wedding day

01 Mar 2021

We chat to hair experts on how to keep your hair healthy and help it grow in time for your big day 

Every bride imagines long luxious Disney princess vibes hair on their big day, and with the average engagement to big day time period lasting 18 months, there's plenty of time to tackle hair issues when is comes to hair growth or missing nutrients.

Kieran Tudor, creative director of  CENTRED. says: "As individuals we all have different hair growth rates. Nevertheless, there are certain products, techniques and tips you can use to not only improve hair growth, but actually thicken the individual hair fibres too. There isn't a quick fix, but over time, by creating the right environment for the hair to flourish as best as it possibly can, you will see results."

Here are five ways to help your hair grow:

1. Scalp treatments

"A healthy scalp is essential for hair growth", explains Kieran. "Dead skin and product build up form a thick layer that makes it increasingly difficult for new hair to grow, causing each hair fibre to become thinner and weaker than it should be. A regular, weekly scalp massage and exfoliation will help to remove any dead skin and product build up from the hair follicles, unclog pores, stimulate blood flow and nourish the skin to increase hair growth, density and strength."


CENTRED. En-Root Scalp Treatment (£36 / 100ml) features a blend of rosemary, peppermint and tea tree essential oils, combine with salicylic acid to exfoliate the scalp surface and stimulate blood circulation. Deeply nourishing olive, hemp, castor and lavender oils nourish dry brittle hair and replenish and rebalance the scalp's moisture levels.


Use the Wild Science, Leaf + Seed Head Strong Hair Defence Strengthening Serum as a regular treatment to massage into the scalp, helping to stimulate and rejuvenate from the hair root of each strand, with a nourishing complex of 250mg pure CBD, organic Hemp Seed, Avocado oil, Kahai oil, Olive oil and Moringa oil and six essential oils, £25 / 250ml


The MONAT Densifying Collection Intense Repair Treatment is an intensive daily leave-in treatment for thinning hair. Helps stimulate the scalp and boost the natural growth of thicker and fuller-looking hair, £55


2. Weekly or fortnightly masks

Using hair masks are a great way to treat dry hair - especially if you colour your hair on a regular basis. The chemicals from bleach or colouring can often strip the hair of its natural oils with overproseccing leading to breakage and damage. 

The new Pantene Pro-V Miracles Silky & Glowing range has been designed to transform your hair from straw-like to silky soft in just one use - perfect as a weekly treatment to maintain your coloured or dry hair. Containing biotin, this improves the hair strength of bleach damaged hair, helping it on its strengthening journey. 


Pantene Intense Hair Rescue Mask with Biotin, from £4.99 / Pantene Colour Damage Reverse Biotin Shot, from £3.99 


If you do not colour your hair and are looking to give your locks an added luxiousious feel, the 100% natural coconut Hair Balm by Virginutty stimulates hair growth by penetrating deep into the hair follicles and combatting daily heat damage and environmental pollution, helping locks become luscious again, £19.95 / 120ml


The Wild Science, Root Therapy, Strengthening Treatment Mask, helps build strong, lustrous, hydrated and manageable hair, £29 / 200ml


3. Avoid sulphates and silicones in your hair products

Use sulphate and silicone free shampoos and conditioners for gentle cleansing that won't strip the scalp of its natural oils or prevents the hair from absorbing nutrients.


Green People, silicone-free Daily Aloe Shampoo, £13 / 200ml 


Typology. 10-ingrediant Shampoo is free from sulphates, silicone and fragrance, £11.80 / 250ml 


4. Mindful styling

"Being mindful of the stress we put our hair under is important", says Keiran. "Mechanical damage from harsh brushes, or tools that snag, pull and break the hair will impact the rate at which your hair grows. Use silk pillowcases, soft hair ties and reduce tension and heat styling as much as possible." 

Make sure you use as little heat as possible on your hair by blow drying and straightening on the lowest setting. Always use a heat defence spray with any heated styling tool and, for the au natural look use heat-free and protective styling techniques such as braids and twists. 


With heat protection up to 230°C, the Fudge Professional Blow Dry Aqua Primer includes hydrating hyaluronic acid with WEATHER-SHIELD™ technology to create a virtual umbrella for the hair, delivering all day humidity resistance and frizz control, improved softness, smoothness and visible shine, £15.50

Jonathan Andrew, Fudge Professional Global Brand Ambassador, says: "Everyone can use this and it’s such a clever product, working similar to a makeup primer it gets your hair ready for whatever. It delivers so many different things from heat protection, to hold and shine and anti-frizz. One of the big benefits is that it contains hyaluronic acid that repairs your hair both inside and out."


5. Smart Suppliments (always consult your doctor before taking suppliments)

"Your hair is the last part of your body to receive nutrients but the first to be withheld from, taking a specific hair health supplement will help send key nutrients to the hair follicles, to improve hair growth, resulting in stronger, longer, healthier hair growing from the root", says Kieran. 


CENTRED. Tender Love and Hair Supplements - £30 / for 60 capsules contain bamboo extract, biotin, aloe vera, amino acids, iron and zinc. 

Click here for more bridal beauty inspiration! 

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