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Make-up made easy

21 Jun 2011

Make-up made easy

Think you can do your bridal make-up yourself? Think again. You may have that daytime look down to a five-minute routine in the morning, but bridal make-up is a totally different animal.

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Image gallery

You’ve got to think about creating a base that will last all day; your complexion needs to look smooth and matt in the photographs; it needs to fit with the style of your dress, your hair, your colour scheme; and do you really think you’ll be able to keep a steady hand when applying your eyeliner? It is, after all, one of the most nerve-wracking days of your life!

A professional make-up artist is trained to cover all of this and more. They know all the latest bridal styles and will enhance your best features to create a look that works for you. But don’t take our word for it; we spoke to three local brides and their make-up artists to find out more about the relationship and how they achieved the perfect look.


Suzanne Mesmer had a very neutral colour theme planned for her wedding – simple white flowers and a black and white interior at the reception meant she didn’t want to go for anything too bright in her wedding make-up.

“When I met Suzanne, I immediately felt a sense of calm,” said make-up artist Lynn Turton. “She has a very serene and elegant poise, so I wasn’t surprised when I discovered at the make-up trial that she wanted a very natural, chic look.”

At the trial, Lynn asked Suzanne lots of questions about the make-up she wanted to achieve and other details about her overall look, including the style of the dress and how she was going to wear her hair.

“I thought I might like striking eyes, so when I went for the make-up trial Lynn did a more natural look and then applied a liquid eyeliner in brown on my top lashes so I could see how it would look,” explained Suzanne.

“It wasn’t until the actual day that I decided to stick with the more natural look, and because the base was the same we didn’t have to wipe it off and start again.

“I had lots of compliments in the evening about how well the make-up lasted – and I didn’t have to top it up at all.”

Get the look:

Lynn used Chanel Vitalumiere foundation as it covers well but feels as if you’re not wearing anything. To set this she applied Mac Blotting powder using a large brush.

Suzanne’s dress was ivory and she has lovely dark hair and brown eyes, so Lynn chose various neutral shades of browns, taupes and beiges, all by Mac, around her eyes.

At the trial they experimented with a Mac liquid eyeliner in brown on the top lashes, but decided it was slightly too intense. Instead Lynn used a Mac angle brush to apply a dark brown shadow on the top lashes in a soft line. This technique gives the illusion of thicker lashes and keeps the look gentle and romantic. To enhance and give Suzanne’s eyebrows a professional finish, Lynn used a Mac brow shader in walnut to fill in the eyebrows and then fixed any stray hairs with Mac brow set. A must for any bride is waterproof mascara and Lynn used Lancome’s Hypnose in black.

Lynn used a small amount of Chanel Bronze Universel to give definition to the contours of Suzanne’s face before finishing with a light dusting of a Mac Blushbaby blusher.

Again complementing Suzanne’s dark hair and brown eyes, Lynn used a beautiful soft rose Mac colour for her lips, followed by a gloss to give a dewy appearance.

Contact Lynn Turton on 01603 261395 or visit www.lynnturtonpro-beauty.co.uk


Like most brides, Vicky Hunt spent the months leading up to her wedding cutting pictures out of magazines to try and find the perfect hair and make-up styles, but there was one thing she was sure about: she wanted false lashes.

“I’m not very experimental with my hair and make-up normally, I always do it the same,” said Vicky. “But I’d worn false lashes a few times on nights out and really liked the way they looked. I wanted my wedding make-up to have a bit of drama so I thought false lashes would work.”

Vicky’s make-up artist Amanda Steed said lots of brides are choosing to wear either full lashes, or individual lashes to fill out what’s already there.

“The trend has been for really natural looking make-up with a flawless complexion, but more brides are definitely going for a more dramatic effect with liquid eyeliner and false lashes,” said Amanda. “I think it’s because people are getting married later in the day to save money and therefore want more of an evening look.”

She added that themed weddings were currently popular, particularly James Bond, where the feel of the day is very glamorous.

“It worked really well for Vicky because she’s got quite thin lashes and was concerned that her make-up wouldn’t be strong enough and she really wanted striking eyes.”

Get the look:

To ensure Vicky’s make-up looked fresh throughout the day, Amanda used Chanel Skin Primer under Vicky’s foundation, then Ooh La Lift by Benefit under the eyes to eradicate dark circles.

Chanel Pro Lumier foundation was applied using a foundation brush to blend it into the skin, concentrating on the problem areas at the hairline and jaw line.

Amanda applied a light coloured base of Shroom by MAC over Vicky’s eyelids, using the deeper shade Brun in the crease of the eye to add definition and shape, then a highlighter with a slight sheen was used to highlight the brow bone.

Black liquid eyeliner and false lashes gave Vicky’s eyes a glamorous look. To complete the eyes, Amanda used a charcoal waterproof eyeliner as close to the lower lashes as possible then softened with a Q tip, before applying two coats of waterproof mascara.

Eyebrows were brushed and filled in with a shade one-two shades lighter than the eyebrow hairs.

Amanda used Style Frost by MAC on Vicky’s cheeks, a powder-based blusher which lasts longer than a cream blusher and gives a lovely fresh glow.

To define the lips and ensure they looked lush and kissable, Amanda outlined them with a lip pencil (Spice by MAC) then filled in with Bobbi Brown Tulle. She finished off with lip-gloss.

Contact Amanda Steed on 07795 556108 or visit www.amandasteedmakeup.co.uk


Emma Davidson’s beauty regime started 10 months before the big day with a make-up and skincare lesson with Beauty 4 Brides’ Brenda Bowler. “I wanted to get my skin in the best possible condition,” said Emma. “We went through my skin care and make-up bag as well as having a make-up lesson, which meant Brenda knew what my skin was like before the bridal make-up trial.”

Brenda believes that buying the right product to do the right job will ultimately save you money.

“Gok Wan always says ‘buy less, wear it more’. Get the right product for you and you will get more use out of it, thus saving you money,” said Brenda. “All the make-up I use is by Artistry, which is among the top five largest-selling prestige brands of facial skin care and colour cosmetics in the world.”

At the bridal make-up trial they talked about the colours Emma liked and how she didn’t want anything too over the top, which was ideal as Brenda specialises in the natural look.

“Everyone’s natural is different, from the person who wears no make-up to the person who wears the full range, so we find out what is natural for them and enhance their own beauty,” explained Brenda. “We go up a step to make the bride look like she has made an effort for the special day but it’s still natural for her.”

Get the look:

Brenda built up a couple of layers of make-up to ensure it lasted throughout the day. She had already analysed Emma’s skin so she had a good skin care programme in place.

Her skin was dry so she used the Artistry Essentials hydrating system and skin refinishing lotion, but because it was going to be very hot she chose Absolute oil control foundation to keep the look flawless.

Ideal dual powder in a natural shade was dusted over the face to set the foundation.

Emma’s eye make-up colours were a combination to complement her eye colour: veil, burnished, tulle, moonstone and starry night. Mink eye define liner was used to emphasise her eyes before applying black waterproof mascara. Her eyebrows were simply tidied up using a blonde brow define liner.

Emma’s cheeks were lifted with true bronzing powder, used in place of a blusher because Emma flushes easily.

Brenda chose Artistry’s Creme lipstick in Amuse, which wasn’t too strong considering Emma’s blonde hair and the fact that she had a very rich red rose bridal bouquet. Brenda’s top tip for lipstick is that it must be tried on the actual lips as the acid on the skin can cause the colour to change.

Contact Brenda at Beauty 4 Brides on 01603 861447 or visit www.beauty4brides.co.uk.

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