How To Lose Weight In 5 Days With The Wedding Dress Diet Plan

11 Nov 2015

Do you want to stay slim for your wedding day? The Wedding Dress Diet Plan could be your answer, and there are some astonishing new success stories to prove it...

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Bride-to-be Hannah has lost a staggering two stone in eight weeks from the Wedding Dress Diet Plan. With just seven pounds to go, here is her success story:
"The diet is amazing and having struggled with my weight and tried so many diets I know this one really works.  I am still going for the full 12 weeks but I have been following the plan for just over eight weeks and have lost two stone already. I am getting married in August next year. I tried on dresses this summer having just got engaged, and felt so fat in them. That was when I decided I must diet and find something that works. Brides need to know about this diet, I'm just so glad I found it. I wanted to loose two and a half stone, so I am very nearly there. Although more would be even better, I am hoping to order my dress in a size 10, only one more dress size to go"


After just one week on the Wedding Dress Diet, Gemma lost 11 pounds:
"I'm getting married in April 2016 and I have a desperate need to lose weight for the big day, not just to look nice in my dress, but for myself too. I have a goal to lose three stone and I almost gave up all hope. When I saw the Wedding Dress Diet Plan sent through on an email, I thought to myself '£9.99, what harm can it do to try it?’

The beginning of week one I was a little apprehensive of eating low calories but I planned the meals and made a menu before going shopping ready for the first day. Day one came and went and surprisingly it was ok and I wasn't too hungry (if I was then I drank a glass of water and it soon went away). Even though it is autumn I have discovered a new love for salads and to help with my portion control I use a shallow bowl for my meals instead of a normal large plate.

Getting on the scales every morning helps as you can see the number on the scales going down each day you step on them (invest in proper scales). I found if you stay the same one day then don't beat yourself up as there may be a number of factors affecting this such as drinking water close to bed time.

The end of week one has come to an end and after getting on the scales I have lost a total of eleven and a half pounds. I feel proud of what I have achieved, even family members are saying they can see a difference, and it has given me the motivation to keep going."


Bride Jenna Holmes from West Sussex got married in 2015 and felt fantastic on her big day. Her secret to feeling great was the Wedding Dress Diet Plan
“I had been through years of yo-yo dieting but was stuck at 14 stone 10 pounds and a dress size 18 with one year to go until my wedding. I knew I wanted to lose weight to fulfil my childhood dream of wearing the ultimate fairytale dress.

“My willpower and confidence was at rock bottom. I came across the Wedding Dress Diet Plan and decided to give it a go. The founders Nicky and Rachel were real people like me, and the plan looked simple and easy to follow.

Jenna started the plan and lost four pounds in the first two days. “I couldn’t believe how quickly I was seeing results,” she said. “It instantly boosted my willpower and gave me the self-belief to keep on going.

“The weight kept falling off – after four weeks I had lost a stone. Dress sizes fell away and I was delighted to get into a size 12 after the full 12 weeks of the plan. Going out and buying a new wardrobe was so exciting – I was buying clothes that showed off my shape and made me feel good about myself.”


The 70-page plan comes as an eBook delivered direct to your inbox, backed up with hints and tips online. Based on genuine success stories, the complete 12-week plan has recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner too.

The plan is easy to stick to, with a mixture of low and high carbohydrate days. The recipes are healthy and nutritious and aimed to help you feel full up. The plan is structured so you will see results quickly. All ingredients can be bought locally and the recipes are simple to fit into a busy lifestyle. To help you stick to the plan, it comes with a personalised daily diary and tracker to fill in.

The Wedding Dress Diet Plan is currently half price at £9.99, and founders Rachel and Nicky are so confident with the success of the plan, that there is a full money back guarantee if you don’t see results in 12 weeks.

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