Live music vs DJ: What's best for your wedding?

11 Jan 2017

Your entertainment choices for your wedding will often come down to live music or a DJ, but which one is best for your wedding?

With so many choices to make when it comes to your wedding, it helps to draw on some expert advice when making each decision. Choosing music for your wedding can be a minefield, so Freak Music - a provider of wedding music and live entertainment, breaks down your options to find the right choice for you.

Choose live music if…

Your budget allows

A live singer or a wedding band doesn’t have to set you back thousands of pounds, but they’ll typically be more expensive than a DJ. If you’re still early in your wedding planning phase and are putting your budget together, enquire with some wedding bands and singers to get an idea of costs before making your choice.

You're dreaming of a classic wedding party

Bands that are dedicated wedding bands are brilliant, and are sure to deliver you a classic wedding party. The best bands will be flexible with their set list too, knowing exactly when to change the mood to get the dance floor filled. Just make sure they can play any songs you definitely want to dance to by running your playlist past them in advance.

You want to enjoy a performance

A wedding band don't just sing some songs, they put on a performance for you and your guests to enjoy. As well as the performance, you have the allure of knowing absolutely anything could happen – yes, this does mean things can go wrong too, but you’re far more likely to find a wedding band who provides a performance filled with surprises.

Choose a DJ If……

You're short on space or are inviting a lot of guests

Live bands take up a lot of space. At the same time, a DJ only takes up about the same space as a drum kit. If you’re short on space or are inviting a lot of guests, choose a DJ to help you make the most of the space you have in which to party the night away.

You love familiarity in your music

A band might be able to play all your favourite songs, but they might not sound the way you’re used to. A DJ is the best option if you want your wedding filled with familiar sounds and want to avoid live acts perhaps putting their own interpretation on your favourite songs.

You want more variety

We just mentioned familiarity, but DJs are also great for delivering variety at the same time. When you book a band even the most versatile acts will have their own style that will shine through during their performance. With a DJ, you can easily veer from the sublime to the ridiculous, from David Guetta and other dance floor classics to the sheer cheesiness of The Timewarp or YMCA, giving you something for everyone.

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