Let me entertain you

17 Sep 2013

Let me entertain you

Meet The Hoodwinker Jon Billett, Mentalist and Magician near Bath

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I’m a mentalist and magician based near Bath and I can entertain your guests after the wedding reception, before the breakfast or table-hopping after your guests have eaten. Many couples choose entertainment to occupy guests while they are having photographs taken after the reception.

I love weddings, the whole build up to the day is such a lot of fun, (apart from deciding on the guest list). When it came to my wedding I was actively involved, really enjoyed the planning and really got as much out of it before the actual wedding day. Apart from the obvious memories from the day, I learned two things that really stuck with me, firstly, associating a new smell or two with the day makes the memories easily recalled and last much longer, this could be a new perfume or scented candles. The second, which I was somewhat surprised at, was that we had a magician and this it was a big talking point on the day, and still very memorable for our guests several years on – we still talk about the magician at our wedding. I have always loved magic and during the planning process I knew we were going to have a magician and I knew who it was going to be. It would have been me but unfortunately I was needed in quite a lot of the photographs.

When booking me, you are not going to get a cheesy magician, wearing a dodgy waistcoat and brightly coloured tie, who waves a wand (stick) and pulls rabbits out of hats. Modern magic is very different and can be a real eye opener for people expecting any of the former.

Typically at weddings, there are a lot of guests who don’t know the other guests and having a strolling magician can bring groups of people together and engage them in conversation.

Close-up magic is one of the most impressive forms of magic and many people haven’t experienced live close-up magic. Televised magic, although extremely impressive can often be criticised for use of camera trickery or stooges, neither of which, is used by the close-up magician and therefore, actually seeing the impossible happen right in front of their eyes certainly gives people something to talk about.

A single magician can typically entertain 40-50 people per hour, therefore weddings usually require a two-hour booking slot. In the two hours a magician should be able to entertain around 100 guests. For larger weddings or shorter time slots it would be advisable to book two magicians to ensure as many guests as possible are entertained.

If you would like a chat about the options call me on 07909996615, visit www.hoodwinker.co.uk for more details or tweet me @RealHoodwinker

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