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06 Feb 2018

Recent research has discovered that 96% of Brits favour a partner with language skills over an athletic appearance; here's how to learn a language for love

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A recent study by language learning app Babbel and Elite Singles found that 76% of Brits find a partner who speaks a second language more attractive, and 96% would prefer a partner with language skills over an athletic appearance.

Whether to feel closer to your loved-one, to communicate with wedding guests or parents-in-law, or to move to a new country with your significant other, even if you do make a few mistakes, just a few small words can speak volumes.

Everyone knows the language of love, but not everyone learns a language for love. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, speaking the language of a loved-one is a powerful way to show them you care. This year, why not surprise your other half by learning a little of their native tongue? Here, the experts at Babbel share their top tips for learning a new language.


  1. Find your motivation - learning a language requires dedication. Imagine how you want to use your new-found language and use this to boost your enthusiasm.

  2. Create a manageable learning schedule - as determined as you might be, no one can learn for hours at a time. In fact, too much learning at one time is counter-productive. Learn little and often for 20 minutes a day.

  3. Focus on what you need to learn - are you learning to have a polite conversation with your parents-in-law, or for a romantic evening with your loved-one? These situations will require very different vocabulary.

  4. Learn with a partner - ask a friend or loved-one to help you. Practise together, tackle mistakes together, and share the rewards of progress. If you know a native speaker - even better; talk with them in your learning language, and ask them to correct you.

  5. Dive into the culture of the language - a perfect excuse to go to dinner at the romantic Italian restaurant nearby, watch a movie on a night in at home, read a book, or even take a holiday.

  6. Go mobile - make learning convenient to your daily routine. Try learning on your commute, while eating breakfast, waiting at the post office, or cooking dinner.

Learning a language for love can help you better understand your partner’s culture, too. At 48 years-old, Mary met her husband-to-be, Terje, and a year later, they were married. Terje is Norwegian, yet spoke perfect English, and so the couple never had communication problems. Mary wanted to learn Norwegian to better understand her husband’s identity. “It was important for me to learn Norwegian because it was a part of who he was," Mary says. After a year of studying, Mary now feels she has a deeper connection with her husband’s heritage and with him - an added perk is being able to converse with his Norwegian family.

“Learning a language has similarities to a relationship,” explains Mike Redfern, Babbel country manager. “Both require commitment and dedication with meaningful and enduring reward. Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to do something special for the person you love. Learning a language shows you care”.

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