10 ways to keep the flame burning while wedding planning

27 Jun 2017

There's no denying that wedding planning can be stressful, so here's some helpful advice on how to soften the impact on your relationship

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As exciting and stimulating as wedding planning may be, the responsibilities and expectations associated with the required final delivery and outcome can frequently provoke stress and unnecessary emotional anxiety. It is no surprise that this can push your relationship to the limits, so here are a few useful suggestions from 'The Love Goddess', Tamara Trusseau, whose skills in tarot, crystal healing and astrology position her as an authority in the field of relationship advice. 

1. Communication is key

No matter how long you've been a couple, there is a continuous need for dialogue pertaining to thoughts, emotions and ideas. Chat often and converse regularly. 

2. Small gestures can make a big impact, diffusing doubt and anxiety

Be sensitive towards your partner's needs, without neglecting your own. Involve them in every decision and make them feel their voice is valued. 

3. Plan a trip

Make time to go away somewhere together, even if it's just for a day - and don't take your wedding planning with you.

4. Add an element of surprise

The element of surprise can serve to create a few positive sparks. Surprise your fiancé with something that you know he/she would like: a romantic meal, a spa treatment or a cosy movie night at home.

5. Where possible, incorporate a little wedding shopping together

Try and include variety with regards to the shopping list. This exercise is great for sharing (or learning to share, if this particular subject has posed problems in the past) as well as providing an opportunity to gauge your partner's likes and dislikes.


6. Family and friends are important - get to know them

Get to know your partner's loved ones and where appropriate, build a foundation for sustained and caring friendships around you. 

7. Appreciate individuality

Understand your partner for who he/she is as an individual, helping him/her to flourish and develop. Make sure the same courtesy is extended to you by your partner.

8. DIY together

Where possible, make home-making a shared process. It provides a sense of togetherness and reassurance, while enforcing your union in the special touches to your day.

9. Have fun

Anything that instigates mutual enjoyment and laughter is a winner when it comes to retaining unity. Laugh like you've never laughed before.

10.  Say 'I love you'

Most importantly, as and when appropriate, express loving emotions. Being in love is a wonderful state of being. Honour it.


Tamara Trusseau

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