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It’s magic

04 Jul 2013

It’s magic

Dorset-based close up magician Chris Piercy explains how booking the right entertainer for your big day could add a touch of magic to proceedings

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A large majority of people, when hearing the word ‘magician’ conjure up an image in their head of top hats, white rabbits and never ending lines of knotted silk handkerchiefs.

However, magic has evolved dramatically in the last 10 years and a modern close-up magician will be capable of truly captivating and entertaining audiences of all ages without a sequined waistcoat or magic wand in sight.

But, I hear you asking, why should I hire a magician for the biggest day of my life?

A magician at first inspection will appear to just be an entertainer but they will provide so much more than just a bit of entertainment.

As an ice breaker: The ceremony is over, everything has gone swimmingly and you are with your new husband having your photos taken.

What are your guests doing? They are very likely to be standing around with a glass of champagne in hand, possibly with someone they know very well but it’s very likely that there are several groups of 4-5 people who’ve either never met before or are not very well acquainted.

A magician will approach these groups and by performing an impossible feat or two will have not only broken the tension between these people but more importantly given them something to talk about.

A creator of memories: A good magician will not only provide entertainment for your guests but will leave them with memories and stories about the seemingly impossible feats they have demonstrated, frequently your guests will be left with a souvenir from the trick itself – I often meet people again who I haven’t performed for in years and they will reach into their wallet and proudly show me the playing card they signed that they’ve had in there since I last saw them.

A wedding magician will always save an extra special trick or two for the bride and groom or top table that will truly make the day that little bit more memorable.

Something different: The vast majority of guests will only have ever seen magic performed on TV so to have the opportunity to see magic from just a couple of feet away and still be completely bamboozled by it is a fantastic experience for them.

A wedding magician is able to perform for all ages, he will keep grandma, toddlers, teenagers, adolescents, adults and big kids all entertained which makes a wedding magician an easy choice of entertainment for your big day.

Magic is entertaining: It seems a somewhat obvious thing to say but magic is pure entertainment, it will create a buzz and an atmosphere around your wedding. It creates stunned silences as well as fits of contagious laughter, what better way to ensure that your guests are all kept happy.

When to have the magic performed?

There are three main times during a wedding when magic is performed:

The Cocktail Hour/Photos: Straight after your ceremony you will be having your photos taken, prevent a lull in the day by hiring a magician to keep things, fun, entertaining and to keep the day moving by mixing and mingling with the guests.

The Wedding Breakfast: Keep everyone smiling as they wait for their food to come out by hiring a magician to go from table to table performing a set of tricks to baffle and please in equal measure.

The Evening Reception: Probably the most popular time to hire a wedding magician is for the evening reception, with the formalities completed, the bellies nice and full everyone is free to relax and unwind.

A wedding magician can go from group to group whether they are sitting or standing and ensure the day finishes in a very memorable and magical way.

Most magicians will be used to performing in all sorts of environments and so can easily perform whilst a band is playing or a disco is on but it is a common courtesy to let them know that this will be happening.

Who should I hire?

Once you’ve decided that you’d like a magician at your wedding the most important decision is who it is going to be.

This will more or less come down to two factors; what they look like/their performance style and their price’

A Google search of ‘magician’ followed by the county you’re in and you’ll get a list of suitable candidates; don’t be afraid to follow links to Gumtree and Yell as often there will suitable options on there also.

On a magician’s website there should be pictures of them; try and imagine that person walking around performing on your wedding day, do they look like they’d fit in with the day/theme or would they stick out like a sore thumb.

To gauge their performance style they might well have a video of them performing or they should be willing to meet up first so you can see a performance before you decide.

Drop them an e-mail or a phone call and chat to them about what you want, they should be very accommodating and should offer to meet up with you so you can sample some magic before you decide.

Another consideration on who to hire for the big day is price. If you’re looking to hire a magician for your big day for two hours you should budget between £200-£500 depending on your location, the date, the number of guests and a few other factors.

If you are hiring a ‘named’ magician then expect to pay considerably more.

A very important thing to remember is that cheap doesn’t always necessarily mean bad and also expensive doesn’t necessarily mean good; try and make your decision based on the previous factors I mentioned before asking their price.

If someone is charging you less than £150 for a couple of hours then they are likely to be a hobbyist or amateur rather than a professional, this isn’t to say they aren’t good but they are likely to be inexperienced in terms of performing.

Remember, your wedding day is your big day so it’s entirely up to you who’d you like there to entertain your guests so go for the person you feel is most suitable.

For more information see www.chrispiercymagic.co.uk

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