Guests and wedding invitations

15 Oct 2013

Guests and wedding invitations

Wedding Invitations are a really integral communication between you and your guests. But there are many questions about etiquette that crop up. Where do you start? Read on to find out.

Who to invite to your wedding?

At first, this seems like a simple task. But throw in wedding costs, venue limitations and day/evening ceremony challenges and all of a sudden – it doesn’t seem so easy. We recommend going through these steps:

  • First jot down all of the people that you want to have at your wedding. Then consider whether the invite is open to children and plus ones. It’s easiest to split this between the bride and grooms side. It might seem tricky, but you then need to split the list further into family, close friends and those that you’d love to have, and those that you’ll invite if costs permit, or if people higher up the list decline your wedding invitation.
  • Don’t be afraid of inviting guests to just the evening reception if you have a small wedding budget, but a high number of guests. And, it sounds controversial, but you don’t need to invite friend’s children to your wedding! You might be surprised to hear that their parents might actually be looking forward to attending your wedding without them.
  • Did you know? > Once you have a definitive guest list, you could save yourself hassle by using WeddingSite’s Address Book tool. With this, you can email all of your guests at the click of a button to request postal addresses. The email automatically includes a link back to the tool where guests can insert their own postal addresses, meaning you don’t have to find time to contact each person for their details!

What needs to be included on your Wedding Invitation

As well as acting as a formal announcement of your wedding, your wedding invitation should include details about your day that guests will need to be aware of. This includes:

  • The date and venue(s) for your wedding, and timings of service (you should produce separate invitations for those you want to attend the whole day, and one for those that you would like to attend as evening guests)
  • An RSVP deadline date, and how you want people to respond. This will allow guests to let you know if they can attend, and any special dietary requirements. If you have a printed RSVP card within your invite, then you ought to include a stamped (2nd class) addressed envelope too. See our suggestions below for how you can save money on your wedding communications.
  • A line about your gift policy. If you have a gift list, make sure you advise your guests as to where they can access this. Although not mandatory, other information you could include are:

Directions to the venue (maps) - Local accommodation and public transport information - Did you know? > WeddingSite’s personal website creator tool means that you can re-iterate all of the above information in one place! If you have a personal website, don’t forget to include the web address so guests can find it with ease.

Wording for Wedding Invitations

Firstly, you need to decide whether you want your invitations to be from the parents of the bride, or from yourself and your partner. This defines who the invitation should be sent from and often forms the first line of the invite. Recommended copy for your invite could be:

Robert & Carol Taylor

request the pleasure of

(guest name)

to attend the marriage of their daughter

Miss Annabeth Romane Taylor

to Mr Eliott Rush

on (date), (month), (year)

at (time)

Followed by a reception at

(reception venue)

RSVP (address + reply date)

How to keep the cost of guest communications down

  • To keep costs to a minimum, consider sending a ‘Save the Date’ email to your guests. WeddingSite’s Guest tracker means that you can do just that and save money on printing and postage costs.
  • Encourage RSVPs via online. Guests could email you their response plus details about their dietary requirements and information about their ‘plus ones’
  • To reduce costs further, you could design and print your own invitations. There are so many self service websites you could use, so it’s worth researching online. Have a tip you'd like to share with us? Join the community on Facebook or Twitter

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