Q&A with love guru Anna Williamson

01 Feb 2022

For advice and inspiration when it comes to love, there is no better person to speak with than relationship expert and television star Anna Williamson

Most known for her celebrity match-making on E4's Celebs Go Dating, Anna Williamson is also a relationship expert and television, radio and podcast presenter.

Anna has now added another string to her bow with her new book Where is the Love? (£12.99, Bloomsbury) – an essential guide for anyone navigating relationships, whether they're single, dating or married. 

Here, Anna answers our most burning questions and shares her top tips for brides- and grooms-to-be. 

Has Covid had an effect on relationships and how people prioritise their love life?

Yes, I think people have realised that life is short, so they have reassessed their priorities and that includes their relationships. We have seen a lot of people/relationships really come together through the pandemic; they have weathered the storm. Couples have embraced being together and realised how much they mean to each other. We really have seen an interesting outcome as a result of Covid and love lives.

Dating has suffered though, with a lot of people feeling as though time has been wasted in their quest to find love. Lots of people are feeling rusty in the world of dating but hopefully we are now seeing the end of an online dominant dating landscape, and the return to more face-to-face dates.

What are your top tips for couples to keep the flame burning when they have been together a long time?

Never lose sight of each other and place your relationship as a top priority in your life. Often everything else seems to trump our relationships (work, friends, family) and our love life can end up being at the bottom of the scrapheap when in actual fact it needs to be right at the top of the tree. 

Prioritise each other, create date nights, put tech away and enjoy a good chat over dinner or a cuddle on the sofa watching a movie. Prioritise each other over any other relationship in your life and you will keep that flame burning and that respect and passion alive.

And last but not least, keep communication top-notch. Actively listen to each other, hear what they are saying, and keep asking each other how you can improve to keep you both happy and fulfilled.

How can a couple take time out for themselves when wedding planning?

It's important to not lose sight of actual life when it comes to wedding planning. Planning a wedding can absolutely become all-consuming, but it's important to keep a healthy dose of perspective in play, and remember that what you are focusing on is your life together as a couple after the wedding. 

Agree to spend some time together where all talk of the wedding is off the table for once; spend some time to connect with each other about life and what is going on for each of you, and enjoy a different topic of conversation.

What ways can a couple incorporate their love story into their wedding?

There are so many ways you can thread your love story into your wedding, for example my husband is Sicilian and a huge part of our love story was quite a whirlwind in his hometown in Sicily. So, at our wedding, we made sure that the wedding breakfast had a Sicilian theme and all of our tables had names of places which meant something to us and our love story. 

But remember, although your wedding day is part of your life story and it will continue to grow, focus on the present and what you are creating, as well as bringing in some wonderful memories of how you got together and where your life story started.

How do you suggest couples overcome the post-wedding blues together?

It's really important to focus on what is going to happen after the wedding. Focus on your exciting life together as a couple; that is actually the exciting part of all of this wedding planning... you get to be husband and wife.

Plan some things to look forward to after the wedding: a couple of getaways or a post-wedding family get together. Anything that you can do together and look forward to, taking away any wedding blues which are perfectly natural and normal if they happen.

What is your favourite love quote of all time?

How do you spell love? - Piglet
You don't spell it, you feel it - Winnie The Pooh

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