In fitness and in health

28 Oct 2013

In fitness and in health

Personal Trainer and Pilates Teacher, Cindy Holland from Berkshire explains the importance of getting fit for your big day and offers her top tips in doing so

For many women, the vision of a perfect wedding day begins from a young and tender age. From ideas, interests and life experiences, a mental scrapbook is compiled to detail the most intricate and personal aspects that culminate into a perfect celebration to begin marriage.

Love, commitment, and devotion are the elements that shroud this monumental day and as ingredients to the recipe for a life well lived, it’s no wonder the swapping of vows is so meticulously planned. From the type, size, and colour of flowers, to the careful selection of loyal bridesmaids - that also know how to plan a great hen party – every component is decided in order to ensure the beauty of the union is as palpable as the day itself.

Of course, picturesque venues and the warm smiles of onlookers make for wonderful photos that are invaluable mementos of the big day, but the most apparent sign and permanent memory of a wedding is the visceral happiness of the bride herself. Surrounded by family, friends, and not forgetting the hubby to be, there is no doubt the woman in white will be seen as anything less than gorgeous. However, it is most important that this is felt by the bride herself.

It is for this reason that an increasing number of brides strive to get in shape for the big day. Whether it’s to shed body fat, tone up, or to feel wholesomely united with a more recent soul mate - a backless wedding dress - it can be an important part of the planning.

Amidst the emotional tumults of one’s oncoming wedding, keeping the right attitude and perseverance on the psychological pedestal can certainly be difficult. As a result, when beginning the journey to feeling fab while walking down the aisle, many seek the misguided path that is fad dieting.

Invariably these types of diets provide little energy and so can be dangerous at a time when venues must be scouted, menus must be decided, and Bridezilla must be suppressed, all alongside the continuation of normal life. What’s more is that fad regimes are very seldom sustainable – when it comes to relaxation on honeymoon, the corporeal before and afters may appear peculiarly unmatched.

Getting into shape the right way may take a little longer than only consuming a combination of tea and seaweed, or cutting out villainous carbs, but it is far more auspicious, sustainable, and above all, long-lasting.

Luckily, we have some top tips to help you feel as radiant on the inside as your appear on the out, and speaking of carbs, they aren’t all bad!

1. The golden rule is to permanently banish all the negative associations with weight loss and dieting. In fact, delete the word ‘diet’. The equation for success is much less scary and, at times, seductive; a combination of nutritious eating and exercise. Yes, things such as mackerel, avocado, strawberries, mango, bananas and salmon are your friends. They are the right types of fats and sugars that will be firm companions on the trail to looking and feeling in tip-top shape.

2. Find a type of exercise that you enjoy. For those that perhaps are unaccustomed to regular exercise, visions of long-distance running or high intensity work-outs can be something akin to a horror movie. But exercise can be fun! If running isn’t your thing, no bother - try a new sport in a team or with a friend, or maybe even find your inner dance diva at a Zumba or aerobics class. Swimming, circuits and boxing are also great for losing weight, toning up, and above all, enjoyment in the long term!

3. Time doesn’t have to be an issue. Life can be busy enough even before wedding plans become the front runner in one’s attentions, but exercise doesn’t have to resemble the timetable of an Olympian. Studies have shown that shorter, more intense bursts of exercise 5-7 days a week can be far more beneficial than longer less frequent bouts of activity. Pulse-raising activity of up to 10 minutes such as sets of burpees, sit-ups, squat thrusts, and touch floor jumps, can be done at home and come with the added bonus of seeing your own improvement on a daily basis.

A wedding is the celebration of a happily ever after, so why not commit to a healthy ever after? After all, health is happiness.

For more information contact Cindy Holland, Ocean Sports Therapy on 07775 737287

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