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Four important things to do in the month after your wedding

16 Jan 2019

Make a list of your post-wedding to-do list and stay on top of your tasks after you’ve said “I do"

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When caught up in wedding planning it can become easy to overlook the essential tasks that need to be completed post-wedding – especially if you’re going on honeymoon straight after the big day. It can also be difficult when you’re battling the post-wedding blues to find the motivation and energy to get things done. However, by taking note of these four all-important tasks, you won’t fall behind and will get things done much quicker.

1. Get your wedding dress professionally cleaned and preserved

First and foremost, don’t let your bridal gown gather dust. Stains and marks made during the wedding can become harder to remove the longer you leave them and discolouration can also set it in straight away. Book your dry cleaning appointment before the wedding to ensure you have the date in your diary and make no excuses to get it done.

Specialist dry cleaning company Connoisseur Dry Cleaners uses GreenEarth® cleaning which employs a non-toxic, odourless, silicone-based clear liquid. It is eco- friendly, very gentle, keeps whites bright, fights fade and eradicates stains. The dress is then professionally preserved in a beautiful custom handmade pH neutral luxury preservation box, with each layer of your dress lined using fine acid-free tissue for long-term protection.


2. Legally change your name

If you are taking your spouse or civil partner’s name after marriage you do not need to change your name by deed poll. Send a copy of your marriage certificate to all relevant authorities, including the DVLA, your bank and HMRC. Compile a full list of companies that you will need to update and work through one by one, or alternatively use an online name-switching service. You will also need to update your marital status. You can do this after returning from honeymoon if it is straight after the wedding, just ensure you are travelling under your maiden name and with your existing passport.

You will only need to change your name by deed poll if: the husband is taking the bride’s name, you are meshing both your names, changing any additional aspect of your name (e.g. adding your maiden name as your middle name) or using a double-barrelled name.


3. Preserve your wedding cake

While 19th century couples saved the top tier of their wedding cake for the christening of their first child, today’s couples tend to save a slice or tier for their first wedding anniversary. While you should consult with your wedding cake maker on how best to freeze your wedding cake, these guidelines are generally useful to follow:

  • Carefully wrap the slice or tier as soon as possible to retain the moisture
  • Freeze the cake for 30 minutes
  • When the icing has frozen, begin to tightly wrap the cake with several layers of plastic wrapping and two final layers of foil
  • Place in an air-tight bag in the freezer with a note to remind you of what’s inside
  • When the time comes to eat it, defrost it in the fridge for a day in advance before removing the wrapping and leave it to sit at room temperature for a few hours. 


4. Send out thank you cards

Thank your guests for coming and for their generous gifts by sending them a note from you, the happy couple. You can personalise the front of the cards with a photo from the day, illustration or simple message to communicate your thanks. Just be sure to make a note of who gave you what when you open your presents and cards so that you can send a personalised thank you to each recipient.


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For more information about Connoisseur Dry Cleaners, visit the website: and for further details about Connoisseur's wedding shoe cleaning services, visit the dedicated webpage:

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