Hugh Harris Formal Attire

16 Dec 2011

Hugh Harris Formal Attire

Hugh Harris are now spreading their wings.

Image gallery

Image gallery

Starting December 2011, not only can their award winning formal attire be sourced from the main showroom in Woking, Surrey, “The Bridal House of Torrisholme, Morecombe, Lancaster have taken delivery of the formal attire range and can now offer the more discerning groom, in the north, a truly fashionable version of men’s formal clothing.

The Bridal House is a new company with Steve at Hugh Harris loving their drive and passion to succeed but most of all loves their want to offer “better than the rest”. The Bridal House offered the usual formal attire but frankly this is available anywhere. Kerry, owner of The Bridal House, researched for better end formal attire to make sure that her bride’s other half could be dressed equally as well as her and her bridesmaids. Approaching Hugh Harris via the web and subsequent discussions showed us that we could obviously work well together so the T’s were crossed and the I’s dotted and hey presto.

For details of this new exciting development please call Kerry of The Bridal House on 01254 421337 or Steve at Hugh Harris on 01483 756267 x215

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