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How to stay positive wedding planning in a pandemic

17 Nov 2020

With a second national lockdown in full swing, bride-to-be Ashleigh Tuttle takes a look at how to stay positive while you’re planning the day of your dreams 

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So, this month positivity seems to be the theme of the hour and I couldn’t be happier. With rapid tests and a potential vaccine taking centre stage in the news at the moment, it’s hard not to be hopeful for the weddings taking place in the coming months.  

Even so, it can still be a tough stance to take. There has never been a year like 2020, and for those trying to plan during a pandemic it’s just one (or 50) other stresses to add to the already costly experience of planning a wedding. 

We should all be immensely proud of ourselves, whether we have been planning throughout lockdown, or even got married during the Coronavirus-restricted era, it has been such a tough ride. It’s not over yet though, and I have taken solace in receiving advice from other brides that I have been able to speak to across Facebook. The group I am part of (Positive Brides, Positive Vibes) has been wholly positive with the intention only to bring each other up rather than tear each other down and worry one another. 


So, with this in mind I asked some of my fellow brides for some of their best tips to keep positively planning during this lockdown, and here are a few of my favourite answers below: 

Karissa said: I think knowing the advances in technology is really neat. I've been bummed thinking about wedding dress shopping and how they limit the number of people and that it might not be the way I want, but then I remember that I can video chat with people or some places are letting you try on dresses at home. 

Kaleece advised: Breathe and remember what marriage truly means at its core... your one love. 

Megan added: Embrace things as they are, I was stressing about the small stuff to start with like not having my whole bridal party come dress shopping with me. It turns out having just my mum and sister-in-law was perfect and I wouldn’t change it for the worldI’m a real people pleaser and I’ve come to realise I physically can’t please everyone at the moment so it gave us chance to think about us as a couple and what we want. 

Georgia reflected: The biggest thing I have to keep reminding myself is: Do not adjust your plans to fit what others want. My future sister-in-law keeps trying to get us to change our date, and location to fit her needs the best, but we are just doing a small elopement due to lockdown, and are planning a reception with everyone hopefully at a later date. Do what makes you happiest and what is the least stressful for you and your partner, don't worry about other people. It is you and your partners day after all, not anyone else's.’ 

Jaq wrote: Best piece of advice I had was to remember that although your wedding day is a very important day, it is still one day that can be moved or adjusted. Dont let worry about what is going to happen ruin every other day in the meantime. 

Ellie said: Living so far away from everyone in my family is really hard, especially as someone newly engaged so being able to FaceTime my family and bridesmaids for their opinions on things has really helped me feel like I’m still planning a wedding and not just pretending to. 

And finally, Nickole said: It doesn't matter if your day goes according to plan the only thing that matters at the end of the day is that you get to marry your best friend. 

My best advice? Rely on one another and tell others how you’re feeling. It’s ok to feel rubbish and it’s ok to put a hold on things, but just remember to get right back on it when you feel ready to. This is still meant to be the most special time of our lives, and no virus will take that away from us. As has been coined so many times throughout this pandemic, love is not cancelled. 


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