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How to stay on top of your wedding planning over Christmas

16 Nov 2017

Keeping on top of your wedding planning over the festive period can be tricky. Here is our advice for staying organised and stress-free 

The festive season is always stressful, regardless of whether you’re planning a wedding or not. Presents, food, decorations, alcohol and travel can eat through your money quickly, particularly if you have children or a large family. Add a wedding into the mix and Christmas can soon start to become overwhelming. Here are our top tips to both staying organised and keeping your cool during the holiday period.

Ask for wedding-related presents

It might take a little bit of fun out of opening your Christmas presents, but it will also save you time. Take a look at your wedding checklist and make a note of all the things you don’t yet have, such as decorations, jewellery, shoes, perfume or even alcohol. If you’ve already bought everything you need but need to boost your wedding budget, request that family and friends send money instead of gifts.  

Stay on top of your budget

It’s easy to overspend between November and January, and it can be tempting to dip into your wedding savings to keep on top of things. Remember that if you do so, however, you run the risk of using money that has already been allocated towards a certain element of your big day – and you might not be able to recover it or resave that amount. Make sure to create a comprehensive budget for Christmas that you and your partner strictly adhere to. This might mean scrimping a little bit on gifts for other people, but they will understand. Limit yourself to buying presents only for immediate family and close friends, and do away with the Christmas cards – they’ll only end up in the bin anyway.

Create a to-do list

From visiting family to going shopping, there is so much to do over the Christmas season. Treat yourself to some nice stationery and start writing down every single task you need to do, both for the wedding and for the holidays. Then, separate them out into days, or even hours if you want to be strict with your schedule. You should make sure that there aren’t too many tasks on any given day, even if that means delaying a bit of wedding DIY or going out for drinks with friends on a different day. Use the Bride Magazine To-Do List tool to check which tasks need taking care of urgently, and which ones can wait a little while longer. You should also allocate time every day for relaxing so that you don’t burn out.

Don’t overdo it

Christmas should be all about spending time with your loved ones, not stressing about your upcoming nuptials. It’s inevitable, however, that many friends and family members will have a lot of questions about the big day. Try to make it clear to them that although you’re happy and excited to talk about the wedding, you’re there to see them and relax. Whenever you’re able, change the subject away from your wedding and onto what’s happening in their lives; otherwise you’ll never get a chance to have a break.

Try not to argue

While some people love spending time with their families, other people truly struggle with it. Similarly, Christmas can cause a lot of tension between some couples due to the long days, expenditures, travel and occasionally overdoing it with the alcohol. The last thing you want before your wedding – especially if it’s taking place early the next year – is a family argument or a big quarrel between you and your betrothed. Take it easy, stick to your budget, try not to drink too much, and force yourself to smile even at the most horrible member of your family. 

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