How to personalise your confetti moment

20 Mar 2017

There's more to confetti than meets the eye; here's how to make the right confetti choices for you and your wedding

Image: Natascha Grunert

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Image gallery

We all want our wedding day to stand out and for our guests to remember it for years to come.  Adding your own unique styles and personalities to your wedding day is the perfect way to make it original and unforgettable.

When it comes to confetti, yes, most couples have their confetti moment, but why not make yours spectacular by personalising it for a truly magical and fun experience? Shropshire Petals advises how to personalise your confetti moment.

1. Choose your petals

Select your preferred petals, choosing from delphiniums, wildflowers, roses, hydrangeas and more. Shropshire Petals always recommend smaller petals for throwing, such as delphiniums and wildflowers, as they are light and delicate, creating a gentle flutter as they are thrown over you. You can add some larger petals after the confetti moment for a colourful, textured confetti shot.


2. Choose petal colours to match or contrast with your wedding theme

Your favourite colours or a total random selection – whatever your style, whatever you prefer, there are colours to make your confetti unique.


3. How to present your confetti

From cones to bags, there are a number of ways you can display your confetti for guests to help themselves to. Shropshire Petals offer personalised confetti cones, available in 11 designs which can be customised with your names, wedding date or a special message of your own. Your confetti provider will also be able to detail their confetti packages, so make sure you have calculated how much you will need. 

Here are some other presentation ideas:

  • Placed in a pretty basket or confetti pail for your bridesmaids to hand out to your guests.
  • Confetti pops are really popular, either place one on chairs for each guest at the ceremony or have a ponfetti pop box at the entrance for guests to take one as they leave ready for your confetti moment.
  • Attach individual sachets or confetti pouches to your order of service for each guest to have their own handful.
  • Order confetti on its own to place in a container of your choice.You could even create a confetti bar with old jars and vases
  • Vintage weddings could continue the theme by using an old suitcase to display confetti


4. Choose the location

Where and when you have your confetti moment is totally your choice. Most couples choose to have it after their ceremony as it marks the celebration of you as a newly married couple. However, some decide to have it at their reception or even on their dance floor during the evening celebrations.

Once you have decided when you want your confetti moment, you can choose where. It's always a good idea to discuss this with your photographer as they will be able to advise on where at your venue/church will be best for the photographs you want and for the light at that particular time of day.

If you want a dreamy, romantic location, imagine having your confetti moment under some blossoming cherry trees in the spring for a colourful shot. Choose confetti to match the colours of the trees or darker colours to stand out.

Raw, industrial weddings are very on-trend this year, so why not have your confetti moment against a bare brick wall or even some corrugated metal for an edgy photo? Choose lighter colours to stand out if your background is dark.


5. Add a little extra

When it comes to personalising your confetti moment, why not consider these added extras

  • Make a sign to place next to your confetti telling guests to take a handful and throw up high when it's time for your confetti moment.
  • Order some additional confetti for some fun, alternative shots such as a confetti photo full of confetti, just like a blizzard, or get some of the children playing with confetti – these always make great, natural photographs you will cherish forever.


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