How to have the best summer wedding: reasons, setbacks and their solutions

15 Jul 2016

While the British weather can be unpredictable, summer can be the best time of year to get married. Flower Station tell us why...

If a gorgeous outdoor wedding has always been your dream, summer might be the perfect time for it. However, there’s more than just the weather to love about this particular season. For starters, the flexibility with colours and themes this warmer season delivers offers all the options that you could ever need. Here’s what you should know about hosting a summer wedding.

Four reasons to hold your wedding in the summer

1. Warm weather

Need we say more? While in autumn or spring, there could be unpredictable temperatures, summer’s the season which is known best for sunny blue skies and warm temperatures that last into the evening, making it the perfect season of the year to have an outdoor wedding.

2. More free time

In many industries, workloads tend to decrease and many people have summer Fridays, which gives a more open schedule to plan - as well as attend - weddings. Also, for the couples working in education, it’s best to take advantage of their summer breaks for last-minute wedding tasks. And, it’s equally ideal for the honeymoon as well.

3. Abundance of available blooms

More flower varieties are available in the summer season than in any other day of the year meaning you’ll have a wide range of in-season flower options, making more colourful, dynamic and affordable wedding arrangements.

4. In-duilt decor

The weather in the summer months will save you on decor. It allows couples in numerous parts of the country to take benefits of ranging waterfront areas, gorgeous natural backdrops, hilltops and lush gardens.

Setbacks and their solutions

1. Heat and strong sun

For a gorgeous summer wedding, first of all, you need to make sure that the outdoor venue offers air-conditioning or some shade. And, if the venue that you selected has minimal shade, then it’s advisable to keep the wedding ceremony short and sweet. Also, include cold water bottles or cold beverages, fans and umbrellas in your arrangements for guests. Sunburn can give the term 'beautiful bride' an entire different meaning. Therefore, consider wearing a foundation or moisturiser containing SPF.

2. Wilting blooms

Have flowers delivered on the day of your wedding. For that, you could go with any online florists that offer flower delivery in UK on the same day of your wedding. However, you must make sure that the venue has a fridge to store them before the ceremony begins - if it's an especially hot day. If your flowers will be exposed to the sun for an extended amount of time, then have a friend or bridesmaid keep a small spray water bottle on hand and give a light misting every hour. And, when your photographer isn’t snapping away, ask them to hold your bouquet in a shady spot.

3. Summer showers

Even though summer can be the perfect season to host an amazing outdoor wedding, you must take precautions and have a plan B - just in case of summer showers or extreme heat. So reserve a small air-conditioned indoor place to tackle such issues.

4. Competition for vendors and venues

Summer is the perfect time for an outdoor wedding, which means you’ll have vast competition from other to-be-wed couples to reserve the services of popular suppliers and venues. So, book early - as soon as you get engaged is preferable.

Final tip:

Between summer holidays and other wedding arrangements, a convenient wedding day seems few and far between. So send the Save The Dates as early as possible to your friends and relatives to get your wedding date marked on their calendar.

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