How to Get That Natural Wedding Glow

11 Feb 2015

How to Get That Natural Wedding Glow

Jess Baker, founder of natural skincare range MIMI, provides top tips for maintaining that natural glow in the run up to your wedding

Getting married is one of the most delightful, and the most stressful things you can do in your life. As your big day approaches you’re feeling ever more stressed about all the things still on your ‘to do’ list.

Your brain is releasing a whole heap of stress hormones and other chemicals, and to a certain degree these  are  keeping  you  focused  on  the  task,  but  will  end  up  interfering  with  your  immune  system, increase your blood pressure, make you irritable and, to top it all, cause skin problems. 

But don’t panic. There are some simple things you can do to nurture your skin, your body, and your mind, that will help you retain your natural beautiful glow in the lead up to your wedding day. 

Top tips


Two Months before the Big Day


Try any new skincare products at least three months in advance to avoid any possibility of flare-ups and bad reactions just before your wedding day. Avoid products packed with synthetic ingredients that are likely  to  dry  out  your  skin  and  hair,  i.e. cleansers with  SLS  and  products  with  SD  alcohol,  denatured, isopropyl. 


Choose natural skincare products that are high in antioxidants (vitamin A,  C,  E)  and  essential  fatty  acids  (omega  6,  9). These can  be  found  in abundance  in  Avocado  and  Argan  oils  which  help  fight  free-radicals slowing the signs of ageing, and plump the skin reducing the appearance of  fine  lines. Try  the  luxurious  blend  of  these  natural  oils  in  the  MIMI Sleeping Beauty Night Time Facial Oil, and customise it with the optional lavender and ylang ylang essential oils (£35, 




One Month before the Big Day 

Focus  on  weekly  treatments  to  remove  the  build-up  of  dead  skin  and keep your  youthful glow.  Use a simple  deep  cleansing  face  mask  for  a quick fix that leaves the skin feeling soft, try MIMI Green Goddess Fresh Face Mask, which is suitable for sensitive skin (£22,



Bumpy upper arms that you’re afraid to reveal? Scrub them away with an all-natural body rub. You can mix your own (brown sugar and coconut oil)  or  try  the  MIMI  Sweet  Cheeks  Body  Rub  that’s been carefully formulated  to  leave  your  skin  silky-smooth  all  over  (£25,



Even if you’re not trying to lose a few pounds, exercising is good for you: your brain releases endorphins, a natural high, which helps you manage your stress levels and boosts your self-esteem (so you’ll feel super gorgeous on your special day).    

Daily natural boosters


Not  only  does  honey  have  antibacterial  properties,  it  moisturises  and  softens  the  skin.  So next  time you’re in the bath smooth some onto your face, relax for 5 minutes then gently wipe off. Just lovely.


Reduce puffy eyes by placing soaked cotton wool in black tea (an astringent) or green tea (with anti-inflammatory flavonoids) over your  eyes.  Giving  yourself  a  gentle  facial  massage  will  help  fluid  flow freely around the face.


Hug it out! Oxytocin is known as the happy hormone as it elevates our mood. It’s released when you’re socialising with your best friends, and when you’re hugging the people you love.



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