How to create your perfect honeymoon gift list

09 May 2016

If money towards a honeymoon is top of your gift list, take a look at these top tips before creating your honeymoon fund – courtesy of Prezola

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Whether you dream of sunbathing on a secluded island or wish for an adventurous and adrenaline-fuelled getaway, your honeymoon should be the perfect retreat to relax and reminisce about your wedding day. Online wedding gift list provider Prezola offer their top tips in creating the perfect honeymoon gift list.

1. Don't hold back when asking

If you're feeling slightly guilty about asking for money, it's more common than you think. Prezola says around 20% of their couples want 'only cash', while 50% like a mixture of cash and gifts all on one list. The majority of cash gifts are honeymoon fund contributions (62%), while 37% are cash contributions towards other things such as a home renovation or camper van fund. At the end of the day, your wedding guests just want to make you happy so ask away!


2. Decide on your destination

With so many destinations at your disposal, you can feel dizzy with choice when picking the perfect honeymoon. Think about your personalities as a couple – what would each of you want out of a dream holiday? And consider the possibilities: serene beaches, sightseeing city breaks, outdoor activities or a lazy cruise. Weigh up what matters to the both of you and remember that a honeymoon is once in a lifetime trip.


3. Plan with budget in mind

There's a big advantage in budgeting everything now, so there's no worry of spare pennies after the wedding. Get the calculator out and add up the cost of flights, transfers, dining and accommodation so you know how much to ask for in your gift list. Don't forget about activities and products that will remind you of your trip, like a gorgeous photo frame of that sunset. (A bottle of champagne counts too, right?)


The White Company Mother of Pearl Frame 8x10", £70

4. Look into extra activities

If your partner wants non-stop sunbathing while you would rather a wildlife safari, reach a compromise by encompassing both sides. Prezola offers a variety of experiences that can be requested on your gift list, such as spa treatments and dinner for two. Do some research so your holiday has everything you could possibly want.


5. Have full control of your money

With Prezola you can create a mood board with your own images or choose from the hundreds of options already on site, such as ‘cocktails on the beach' or a 'romantic dinner' so guests can see exactly what they're buying as a wedding present. Once your list closes, 100% of the money goes straight to you so there's no commission or third parties that are tied to the cash contributions.

Start creating your gift list at or find out more:

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