How to create the perfect proposal

26 Oct 2016

Ensure your proposal is as perfect as can be with these ideas to create an extra special moment

Words: Ryan Duffy

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Proposing to your partner is one of the biggest occasions of your life. Whether the ring is a quality diamond or a shining sapphire, you are going to be giving your partner a gift that symbolises the love you hold for them. There are a number of ways you can make this moment extra special and make the occasion as memorable as the gift. Here are some ways you can plan the perfect proposal.


1. Use flowers

Throughout the ages, a thoughtful gift between a couple has always been flowers. So why not use them to add a beautiful feature to this wonderful moment? There are huge variety of options for how you can use flowers to create the perfect proposal, these can be either simple of very extravagant. For example, one simple thing you can do is to get a fresh bouquet of red roses. These always look beautiful in the spare hand when you have the ring in the other, and a bouquet of flowers adds to the emotion of a proposal in a way very few other items can. A more extravagant option is to create a red carpet made from red rose petals, this will have to be done indoors so it isn’t ruined by the wind, but when finished it can look absolutely beautiful.

2. Pick a romantic location

There are hundreds of beautiful locations around the world that are perfect for a proposal. The places that instantly spring to mind are Dubai or the ‘city of love’: Paris. There are some truly stunning locations in these places and there is a reason why so many proposals are made there. But another great spot can be to go back to where you went for your first date or your first kiss (If either of these were in Paris, you’re definitely on to a winner), as this is more unique to your relationship and can be considered even more romantic.

3. Choose the right ring

This may seem obvious, but it is certainly the most important aspect if you want to create the perfect proposal for your partner. One of the most popular and beautiful choices are princess cut diamonds, this is because they stand out and can make a real statement of love to your partner. There are also a number of other setting and band combinations, but it is important that you select the one that you think may suit your partner the best. You can either do this by using your own judgement or you can subtly ask your partner by pointing out a ring to them and asking what they think of it.

4. Speak from the heart

You would usually save your speech for your wedding day, but you can also create a speech for your proposal that can be more personal. Try to stay away from the classic clichés, and instead go for something that is unique to your relationship. Such as what you said to your friends after your first date – if you said that you think they were ‘the one’, you should definitely let your partner know.

5. Add some music 

This is a great way to set the mood for the proposal. A lot of couples have a song that means a lot to them, or a specific artist that they like. So it can be a good option to have this playing while you’re proposing. Another way music can be used is if you choose to get a live musician playing in the background, such as a harpist or pianist. This can really set the mood for the proposal and is extremely romantic.

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