The Meringue Girls: How to Create the Perfect Meringue-Inspired Wedding Cake

20 Nov 2015

The Meringue Girls have stormed the catering world with the power of their sugary peaks. Here they speak to Lorna Dockerill about their sweet creations and how to create scrumptious meringues for your wedding

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Fluffy, whipped cloud-like meringues, or meringue kisses as they’re known, are proving popular for contemporary weddings with their crisp sugary outer and mallow middles. And London duo, The Meringue Girls, are a couple of sweet-toothed meringue lovers who are changing the meringue scene for good with their unusual flavour blends and vibrant swirls. From gin and tonic, gingerbread and mulled wine, to watermelon, coconut, and pistachio and rose water, these tasty combinations will bowl over even the most fussy meringue sceptics.

David Loftus

Both trained chefs, Alex Hoffler and Stacey O’Gorman created The Meringue Girl dream following their work together in a Hackney restaurant. Now they hold pop-up stalls at street food events and supply the likes of Harvey Nichols and Selfridges.

Though whipped meringue kisses are hugely popular as wedding favours, the team are now working with another supplier, Fondant Fox Cake Design to create meringue-inspired wedding cake designs.

We caught up with the pair for their advice on the best ways to incorporate these unique sweet treats at a wedding, and to take a sneak peek at some of their most inventive and colourful hybrid meringue-cakes. 


What is it about the combination of cake and meringue that works so well?
Meringues are perfect to decorate cakes with because they are solid enough to stand by themselves, but they are edible. We think the crunchy, chewy texture works amazingly with soft, pillowy cake and buttercream. They also have a similar shelf life.

How would you recommend using colour effectively at a wedding with your meringue kisses?
We can colour match our meringues to the colour palette of your wedding. We recommend using more than one colour, so would encourage you to select around three, or we can create an ombré crate (fading from dark to light).

What is your most popular wedding meringue flavour?
Probably raspberry…maybe because it’s pink…The gin and tonic tends to go down a treat as well.

How do you recommend styling a meringue cake?
Don’t overcrowd your cake. It can be tempting with decorating to throw on everything you’ve got, but what is so great about working with Fondant Fox is that she knows how to get the perfect balance of gorgeous cake and crazy tasty decorations.


What are the five most wonderful bespoke wedding cake-meringue creations The Meringue Girls and Fondant Fox have produced?
A four-tier purple ombré tiered kiss cake, a four-tier electro floral cake, a four-tiered floral pavlova cake, a three-tier open stacked naked meringue cake and a two-tier lilac rainbow cascade cake…

What factors made them a success?
Careful design and planning beforehand to really capture the couple’s individuality and wedding theme to ensure it was the wedding cake of their dreams. We also work with superb suppliers on our cakes to make sure they taste as good as they look. Special mentions to Green and Black for the most delish glossy chocolate drips and Greens of Devon for epic edible flowers. 


Which cake flavours do you offer? And which go well with certain meringues?
As with the meringues, we love a challenge and we love getting creative so we like to say that we can make cake out of pretty much anything. Probably the most popular is raspberry or strawberry kisses with rich chocolate sponge filled with dark chocolate ganache. Fondant Fox has a cake menu of 10 flavours to choose from, with spicy ginger filled with zesty orange buttercream about to be added – this tastes so good with the lemongrass and ginger kisses.

What are your top three flavour combinations?
- Raspberry kisses with death-by-chocolate sponge cake
- Lemongrass and ginger with spicy ginger cake
- Pistachio and rosewater kisses with strawberry sponge and rosewater buttercream

Are your products available nationwide?
We are London-based at the moment, but we will always see what we can do.

What advice would you give to brides hoping to make their own meringue cakes?
Practice makes perfect. Whatever you do, do not leave your cake until the day before.

What’s your secret to a perfect meringue?
Heat the sugar. Our recipe is a combination of French and Italian meringue, so we use hot sugar (rather than cold, or completely melted).

Why are your meringues suitable for wedding favours?
We can personalise the packaging as well as the meringues themselves. They’re cute, original and super tasty.

What’s THE best way to wow guests at a wedding with meringue?
Go personalised! 

The Meringue Girls’ top five ways to include meringues at your wedding:

1.    A vintage apple crate – with 170 meringue kisses in each, guests can help themselves.
2.    A tier in different colours
3.    Jars of mini meringue kisses
4.    Personalised individual meringues
5.    Gift bags – perfect as favours

Are you gluten free?
Naturally gluten-free and hand piped, these sweet treats are bound to win over those with a gluten intolerance without losing out on all-important flavour.


DIY Bride? Create your own wedding day meringues
Try out a meringue recipe from Alex and Stacey via their website here to see if meringue making is for you. Alternatively pick up a copy of their book, Meringue Girls: Everything Sweet for confectionary recipes and the girls’ baking secrets.


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