How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Perfume

16 Oct 2015

The alluring scent of a stunning bride begins when she selects her wedding perfume. Lorna McKay from The Perfume Society gives her expert advice on choosing the ideal perfume for your wedding day.

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In their carefully constructed attire, a bride should be a pleasure on all of the senses: a vision of beauty, talking with joy and love, dressed in the best of fabrics and smelling a sweet as she looks.
A scent can be a powerful tool for reminiscing, and choosing a special scent for the big day a way of remembering the feelings its associated with for years to come.

But how do you choose the perfect perfume for your wedding day? We asked Lorna McKay of the Perfume Society to give us her advice, top tips and guidance.

What should you look for in a signature scent?
Wear a fragrance that makes you feel the way you want to feel happy, confident and uplifted.

Will it last all day?
In general a fragrance will last four to six hours, depending on the fragrance family an oriental will usually last longer than a fresh, as the base notes are often more long lasting.

Where should I spray it, on me or my wedding dress?
I would not recommend spraying the dress as it could stain and perfume is always better on skin as it becomes your unique scent. Spray it where you want to be kissed or any of your hot spots (pulse points): wrists, neck and the back of knees.

What should you consider when choosing a new scent for your wedding?
This should be approached in the same way as every other wedding detail do your research and try them out. An easy way is to look on FR.eD (virtual fragrance advisor) of The Perfume Society. Punch in what you wear and FR.eD will recommend six other fragrances to try, based on the type of perfume you normally wear.

Weather, for example?
If it is warm you may need to spray a little more as perfume will disappear more quickly (see bridesmaid duties).

Should they consider conflicting scents, such as the grooms, or flowers?
I dont think this is a big issue as it is more important to be an individual and stand out (in a good way), than blending in. You have to be the centre of attention on your special day.

How will you know when youve found the scent for you?
When you feel confident, uplifted and happy.Also, you may find the flurry of confidence when people say you smell good.

How many can you smell in one sitting?
Try six on blotters, eliminate three and then try on your skin while remembering what you put where.

Do you have any other advice for brides-to-be?
Ask your bridesmaid to be on perfume duty. Your bridesmaid should carry a small purse spray of your perfume with lipstick and make-up. Before you leave it is a good idea to have put on body cream with your fragrance as it helps the fragrance to last. Chanel does a lovely one for its Exclusifs range which would work with most perfumes. Annick Goutal and Estée Lauder do one too. Before the greeting of friends and family or after the photos, the bridesmaid does a perfume check. After dinner and before the dancing, another perfume check.

Lorna McKay of the Perfume Society gives the perfect perfume guide, by bride. Now, which bride are you?

The Sophisticated Bride
Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Extraordinaire
Les Exclusifs de Chanel
Armani Privé

The Bohemian Bride 
4160 Tuesdays
Juliette Has a Gun
Valeur Absolu (healing crystals in the perfume supposedly to enhance your wellbeing)

The Classic Bride 
Estee Lauder Beautiful
Balmain Ivoire
Vera Wang Coty

The Spring Bride
Atelier Cologne 
Acqua di Parma

The Passionate Bride
Shalimar by Guerlain
Jean Paul Gaultier Classique



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