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The easiest way to plan and organise gift-buying for your wedding

18 Feb 2022

How Prezola's wedding gift lists can make present-buying easy

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Do you feel awkward asking your guests for wedding presents? Or are you concerned about being given presents you don’t really want?

Wedding gifts are often overlooked during the planning stage while you’re busy booking venues, suppliers and arranging countless other things. Here to ease your mind and offer a hassle-free solution, Lauren Enever, from wedding gift list company Prezola, speaks to us about the convenience of having a gift list and its benefits for wedding parties.

Q: Why should I have a gift list for my wedding?

A: Gift-buying can be stressful for both the guest and the couple. Providing attendees with a comprehensive list relieves the pressure from couples to individually request items, as well as removing the risk of duplicate items that you’ll have to return or exchange afterwards.


This method is not only sentimental but a much easier, polite and comfortable approach to asking for your wedding presents.

Prezola offer a gift list without the compromises – they provide an effortless service to ensure you receive what you actually want and need. Once you’ve compiled your list, the rest of the organisation, purchasing and wrapping will be done for you, so you won’t need to worry about a thing.

Q: What can I include in the gift list for my wedding?

A: Your gifts don’t need to be material things. There is a range of options for guests to pick from to congratulate you:

  • Honeymoon funds – After the expense of financing your wedding, honeymoons are often shortened or restricted to cut costs. Allowing your guests to contribute towards your post-wedding trip will help you have the best honeymoon possible.
  • Experiences – You can set up funds for an experience or day out to make the most out of your newly-wed life. For those who would rather give something to create memories from, this is a great alternative to material gifts.
  • Cash – Perhaps you’re saving up for something that’s not a holiday – bestowing money will help to get you there faster and is a fantastic option for guests who are unsure of what to get you.
  • Products - Whilst weddings are shifting towards more flexible gifts for married couples, many people may still prefer the traditional approach of purchasing an item for you to use at home.  

You can create pre-set lists for specific things within each category - poolside cocktails or dinner on the beach as part of your honeymoon fund for example, so guests can feel as though they’re directly contributing to your experience.

Q: How do gift lists work?

A: You’ll be asked to create a profile on the Prezola website of everything you want, which you can share the link to with guests, friends and family.


This page will have the various gifts you have made for people to visit, browse and select the option they prefer.

After your wedding, you can select a date of your choosing, where Prezola will deliver the gift-wrapped gifts chosen by your guests to your address for you to enjoy.

Q: How will a gift list make present-buying easier for my guests?

A: Rather than guessing what a couple may want, you’ll offer a list of various things that you’d like, which they can pick and choose from. This gives them the freedom to choose the type of present they’d like to give, working within the budget of what they want to spend.

They won’t need to worry about wrapping and transporting the presents to the ceremony, as this will all be arranged by Prezola on their behalf.

Q: Are there price limits for presents on my gift list?

A: No, you can choose whatever amount you want, but we suggest offering a variety of price points to accommodate different budgets. It’s better to add more gifts than there are guests, so there’s an option for everyone, even for those who are the last ones to use the site before your big day.


We offer a group gifting feature for higher-priced items, where individuals can contribute a sum of money towards a product, which is then purchased and taken off the list once the amount has been reached.

Q: When should I send out my gift list for my wedding?

A: The best time is when you send out the invitations – this informs your guests from the outset how you wish to proceed with the gift-buying, allowing them plenty of time to decide what they’d like to get you. We encourage you to share the link across email groups and social media too.


Q: How can I keep track of who’s buying what gifts on my list?

A: You will be able to track the funds and items chosen by each guest. You can opt to receive email notifications to keep you in the loop during the lead-up to the wedding.

Q: Are Prezola gift lists sustainable?

A: Yes, absolutely. We work with some fantastic sustainable brands that provide lovely products and gifts for weddings. Our packaging is 100 per cent recyclable and we're working towards becoming a carbon-neutral company. Not only are you reducing wastage by ensuring you receive only gifts you want, but using Prezola means you’re supporting the environment by using eco-friendly brands too.

Visit for more information on creating your bespoke wedding gift list.

For enquiries, contact or 0800 488 0082.

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