How to be the perfect groom

03 Aug 2011

How to be the perfect groom

Weddings can be a stressful part of your life running up until the day and a lot of this stress can be caused by the bride feeling like she is the one doing all of the planning. If you want to score ten out of ten and be top groom on your wedding day, avoiding rows en-route, then follow our guide and you’ll have brownie points to last you a lifetime

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If you think that all you have to do is turn up on the day and enjoy a stag night, then this guide is definitely for you. Without it, your wedding memories could be tinged with the stress of getting to the day rather than happy memories. Today’s lifestyle is so hectic, that both bride and groom need to pull together as a team and enlist the help of anyone they can to make the day go as smoothly and stress-free as possible.


Although the minute detail of place settings may send you crazy, there are many other factors of the wedding that you can take an interest in. Sit down with your bride to be and draw up a list of who would enjoy doing what and pick the tasks you each find interesting. Also, get your least favourite task done first, as leaving it until the last minute will leave you panicking and putting it off. Go to at least one wedding fair, your bride may be pleased to attend further fairs with female friends and family, to look at the finer details. If you start to show that you find the whole planning process tedious, you are likely to make the bride feel that the whole day is not important to you at all. Generally speaking, there tends to be a difference when it comes to men and women and weddings; the men just want to enjoy the day, the bride wants to create the perfect day, and that does not happen by itself. Weddings are usually a grand scale event and unless you are an event planner, there is some fast learning to do and the bride will feel overwhelmed and unsupported if she is going it alone.


Here is a list of the role that the groom should take on. If you can be the supportive ‘husband to be’ and help out as much as possible, then you have made your life a lot easier whilst setting some great foundations for the rest of your marriage.

• Help to choose the engagement and wedding rings.

• Traditionally, the groom arranges the honeymoon and sometimes even keeps the destination a secret from the bride.

We suggest asking your bride-to-be to make a list of wish list places she’d love to visit and places that she definitely wouldn’t like to visit, then you know you cannot go too wrong.

• Plan clothes for yourself and your best man, father of the bride and ushers. Get involved with any colour schemes and think about the type of colours you know suit you.

• Check all the legal documents needed for the wedding, such as up to date passports and copies of birth certificates, are all sorted.

• Arrange all the transport needed for the wedding.

• Buy gifts for the attendants. This includes the bridesmaids, best man, ushers and parents of both of you if they have contributed financially or to the planning.

• On the day make sure all of the guests are spoken to and thanked for coming and that yourself and your bride mingle as much as you can during the drinks reception.

• At the beginning of your speech, a good way to start off is ‘My wife and I…..’ which is bound to set off applause, also address your speech from both yourself and your bride. A major must do is to thank your parents, for everything! Thank everyone for their gifts, toast and don’t forget to say how beautiful your wife looks on your special day.

• Buy your new bride a special gift that she can treasure for years to come. You can steal time alone during the day to give her the gift.

• Most of all take time to enjoy it – especially when you have worked so hard planning it all! Make time for you and your bride alone, even if it is only for ten minutes during the day. The day will go so fast, it is important to take time out to soak it all up and remember why you have just got married.

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