Honeymoon paradises: Amazing destinations you never thought of visiting

19 Aug 2016

Make your honeymoon location a memorable one by taking a look at these four destinations which you may never have considered

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What makes a honeymoon so special? Perhaps it is the uniqueness of the occasion. This isn’t some normal holiday or couples getaway; this is a once in a lifetime journey that marks the beginning of the rest of your life.

So why go somewhere people normally visit? People visit honeymoon favourites all the time — New York, Paris, Hawaii — so why not choose somewhere really special, somewhere really outside the box? Make your honeymoon truly unique by visiting one of these unusual honeymooning paradises, as suggested by LuxTripper.


The capital of Middle Eastern commerce, Dubai is a roaring hive of business activity, or at least, that is how most people know it. While it is true that Dubai is in part a business city, so too are other popular honeymooning cities, like New York, Paris, London and Rome. The bustling commercial side of Dubai is just one part of its character, a part hidden away in the high-rise buildings that glitter in the sunlight.

Beneath these buildings, on the streets and shores of this cosmopolitan city, excitement bubbles around every corner and so does the opportunity for adventure and romance. Dubai is an enigmatic city, full of diversity and rich cultural experiences. A honeymoon trip is not complete without a visit to the souqs, promising loud, vibrant experiences and the opportunity to find unique souvenirs and tokens to remember this once in a lifetime adventure. 


For a bit of alone time, you can head to the incredible, palm tree lined beaches of Dubai or explore the man-made marvels that that are the Dubai palm islands — sandbars created to look like giant palm trees jutting out into the ocean. Or you could just spend the day on a sun lounger at one of Dubai’s many luxury resorts. Dubai is also a place of culinary excellence and you’ll find some of the best restaurants in the world hidden amongst this sparkling concrete jungle.

Venturing outside the city, you’ll be spoilt for choice by the experiences on offer. Explore the sand dunes on a desert safari, take to the skies over Dubai, and watch the world below in a romantic hot-air balloon ride for two. Dive into a world of colour and life beneath the waves or sip champagne aboard a luxury yacht while you bask in the beautiful Arabian heat.

Described by many as 'the Vegas of the Middle East' Dubai is a city that is always switched on. A buzz surrounds the downtown area 24/7. Casinos, bars, live entertainment: you name it, Dubai has it. Exotic, energetic, and exciting, yet clean, peaceful, and impressively high-tech, Dubai is a world unlike any other. The perfect honeymoon getaway. 


Costa Rica

Honeymoons aren’t just about a swanky hotel and a plush beach anymore; many couples want excitement and adventure — the chance to travel and explore. Costa Rica isn’t a place you’ll find on most top honeymoon destination articles and that is exactly what makes it so perfect as a newlyweds' retreat. 

A quiet, unexplored part of the world, Costa Rica is wrapped in rainforest and steeped in natural beauty. It’s a secluded place, perfect for a romantic honeymoon getaway. Honeymooners with a sense of adventure in their heart will fall in love with this place immediately. Relax, not on sandy beaches - although that option is still available - but beneath waterfalls or in wooden forest huts in the heart of the jungle. Take to a canoe and row across lakes in the shadow of a mountain or paddle down a dense tree-lined rainforest river. 


All this talk of adventure might have you thinking of jungle camps, poky little hotel rooms, and no hot water, but that is far from the truth. Even in the deepest depths of nature, luxury still exudes the lodges and modern hotels found intertwined within the jungle of Costa Rica. 



Bali is a popular honeymoon destination, visited by newlyweds the world over, but its neighbouring island Lombok is decidedly less busy. Why this is though is a total mystery. Lombok is undeniably beautiful. Like Bali, it’s home to stunning beaches, luxury oceanside resorts, historic temples and a friendly local community. Hidden away across the water, it has quiet, secluded and natural charm quite unlike Bali, which has a more vibrant, cosmopolitan feel. 

Regulars to the area describe Lombok as Bali 30 years in the past, before Bali’s popularity saw more hotels and tourist developments spring up across the island. What Lombok lacks in entertainment, attractions and nightlife, it makes up for in natural beauty. An untouched paradise. 


It is this undeveloped aspect of Lombok that makes the island such an attractive proposition to honeymooners. The beaches of Lombok are often deserted, the area feels authentic to its Indonesian roots and the towns, streets and restaurants aren’t as packed out as the island across the way. Lovers of adventure will also find explorations through the jungles of Lombok a thrilling experience, as is the climb up the mighty volcanic mountain Rinjani.

Lombok is its own island, but if you had to compare Lombok with its neighbour, it’s the romantic’s Bali. It’s quaint, it’s natural, and it’s all yours. 



Romance means different things to different people, but at the end of the day it is all about connecting as a couple and this honeymoon destination is sure to do that if nothing else.

If you’re looking for something that cranks up the gears on your honeymoon, turning your getaway into a trip few can ever say they’ve come close to experiencing, then the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan is guaranteed to satisfy your desires. Hidden away on the eastern edge of the Himalayan mountains, a trip to this stunning and sacred corner of the world promises untold cultural and spiritual awakenings. 


For a location found in the secluded foothills of the mighty Himalayas, you’d be forgiven for thinking there would be little to do in Bhutan but hike and explore the mountains. Bhutan is home to a treasure trove of incredible and unique experiences and opportunities for romance. The most popular attractions of the area are the monasteries such as Tiger’s Nest, a beautiful 8th century masterpiece sculpted precariously into the side of a forest covered mountain ridge. 

Spend your days wandering incredible architectural marvels like these, exploring the spirituality behind the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan. Meet locals as they work on the stunningly rustic rice fields and witness monks going about their daily lives in the shadows of the Himalayas. 

Unlike most honeymooning destinations, Bhutan is very much separated from Western culture. Make sure you practise a bit of the language, learn a bit about the customs, and don’t be afraid to get involved in the buoyant local scenes. 


Bradley Mayhew, a writer for the Lonely Planet, said: “There is much to love about Bhutan but it's the sacred side of the country that I enjoy the most. I love joining pilgrims as they look for the footprints of saints in a rockface, or explain monastery history in terms of flying tigers and unruly demons. On one hike alone, a reincarnated lama blessed me with a thangka made from the nose blood of a saint and then hit me on the back with the stone footprints of a divine skywalker.”

These are the sorts of wonderful, colourful stories you and your partner can bond over for years to come. Reliving memories unlike any getaway you’ve had before or since. 

Beat that, Paris.


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