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5 Top Tips from Historic Wedding Venue, Hoghton Tower

19 May 2015

Promotional Feature Are you thinking of choosing a historic venue? If so, take the time to read Lancashire venue Hoghton Tower's top tips for a wedding day to remember.

A wedding is as historic a ritual, so it's fitting that many couples choose to celebrate their nuptials in the splendour of a historic house or castle - it's something all guests will remember, with the beautiful setting echoing the elegant and extravagant history of our ancestors.

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Locations do not come more romantic than the turreted roof of a tower, and the fairytale wedding dream of many brides can be met in such locations. However, organising a wedding in a historic venue can offer challenges unknown to ‘built for purpose’ hotels - but this should not act as a deterrent; the results are impressive and play an important role in making your wedding day the best of your life.

A fortified manor house that stands on a hilltop site, Hoghton Tower in Lancashire has managed to work the art of weddings down to every detail. In search of professional advice, we asked them to give us 5 tips for a successful wedding and a day to remember:

1.  Exclusive venue, exclusive use?

You want to feel the building and grounds are yours for the day, so make sure the venue will provide exclusive use for you and your guests – no members of the public wandering into your ceremony, and no other brides standing next to you at the bar.
Try and stay away from the ‘conveyer-belt’ venue, too – on your wedding day, the last thing you want is to run into the bride or groom from the wedding the day before or the day after, as they pick up or drop off their belongings. It’s guaranteed to take the gloss off your special day and the feeling of exclusivity.


2. Go easy on the bunting.
If the venue is steeped in history, you won’t need to go to town to dress it up. Less is definitely more, letting your decorations enhance rather than overpower the setting.Think subtle touches such as green foliage, lanterns and a candelabra, rather than disco balls and ice sculptures.

If you do want to bring some modern to the history, think of what will complement the venue. Why not have a dress-up photo booth with period costumes for your guests to use? Or add a historic theme your invitations, place names and wedding favours? The stronger the theme the more genuine it will feel to your guests and they will notice the little efforts you have made to match the surroundings.


3. Talk to your suppliers
It’s important to have a good working relationship with your suppliers wherever you’re getting married, but even more so at a historic venue as they may have to work a little harder.
Historic buildings can be quirky in terms of their layout and facilities – think about a modern hotel kitchen compared with a 16th Century kitchen – and there may be some things suppliers aren’t allowed to do because of the fabric of the building (naked flames or excessively loud music, for example).
Check whether your suppliers have worked at the venue before and, if not, suggest they visit or talk to the wedding coordinator to find out about it for themselves. The last thing you want is a hitch on the day.


4. Share the history
A historic building offers more than just a beautiful backdrop to your wedding. It can inspire curiosity and interest about the history of the setting among your guests.
You can share this history with your guests on your special day by, for example, using small scrolls with a potted history of the venue as place cards, arranging a guided tour or a guest speaker for them, or even putting on some theatre as part of the entertainment. This will make your wedding stand out from the rest and give your guests something different to do before the disco starts.


5. Take your own place in history
You want to feel that you are just as important as the historic figures that once walked the floors of that building. Show off that your wedding is unique, something a little bit different, and something new in an old place.
The best part about having your big day in a historic building is that you can return to it year after year, with your children and grandchildren. The building will still be there and nothing much will have changed. You could even ask the venue if you can plant a tree or shrub there as a symbol of your marriage. Your wedding will be adding to the history of the building, joining couples of the past and those of the future.



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