Realities You Will Be Waking Up To After A Hen Weekend

04 Nov 2015

The weekend you and the girls have been arduously planning, prepping for and talking about for months, has been and gone, and you’ve all had a fabulous time – but the morning after is going to tough. Here at Last Night of Freedom, we have planned more than 25,000 stag and hen dos in our time, so it’s safe to say we know our stuff when it comes to what to expect after your hen weekend. Here are just some of the realisations you will be waking up to.

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The majority of the morning-after conversation will typically involve mortifying flashbacks, as well as attempting to piece together each other’s nights (aided by sheepishly checking mobile phone camera footage). The awkward tales are inevitable, so embrace them – they’ll undoubtedly provide lots of entertainment and laughter for you and the girls. The cringier the better.


Alcohol regrets
Cracking open a bottle of bubbly open at 10am seemed like a really good idea at the time, but no amount of ibuprofen, exercise or greasy hangover breakfast foods can cure this one. At least you’re all in this together.

Hundreds of other regrets
You’ll all wake up with regrets ranging in severity, from regretting not taking your make-up off properly as you peel apart mascara-encrusted eyes, to regretting drunk-dialling that guy you started seeing a couple of weeks ago and telling him how much you loved him – no one will be able to escape indulging in a spot of self-reproach.

You’ve broken/lost something
Your purse is now significantly lacking in money, but severely weighed down by receipts from bars and clubs you can’t remember being in. And, after a rigorous rummage through your clutch, you realise you have lost your best lipstick, house keys, and phone. Panic, cry, and pour yourself a stiff G and T.

You’ll never drink again
We all know that not a morning-after goes by when we don’t at some point claim that we will never touch alcohol again. And the morning after a hen weekend is no exception. But there is the wedding coming up soon, a christening next weekend, and that birthday on Thursday…


“No, no, we didn’t even get take-aways last night, did we?” The empty kebab box in the bathroom and slice of pizza you woke up lying next to tell a different story.

Blisters/unexplained injuries
Those killer Louboutins looked gorgeous with your new LBD, but boy are your heels and toes feeling the pinch this morning. And where that massive purple bruise on your knee arose from, you’ll simply never know.

Finally, you’ll realise that last night really was your final send-off into married life. It’ll probably dawn upon you at some point on this morning, that you are in fact, soon to be a happily married woman. 

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