Gifts of Gratitude - Gifts for the Wedding Party

03 Jun 2011

Gifts of Gratitude - Gifts for the Wedding Party

Giving gifts on any wedding day is fun and informal, but who should receive one and what should be given and when?

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The ceremony was superb, the champagne exceptional, the food fabulous and your guests are cherishing your glorious day. The time has come to move the limelight onto those who have played a crucial role in pre-wedding preparations, an active role on the day and a supportive role in life. It’s time to present the gifts!

For a bride and groom this is a fun and informal part of their wedding day, when they have the opportunity to publicly illustrate gratitude to those who have been especially involved in the wedding and their lives. Usually the groom presents the gifts, with the bride’s assistance, as part of his speech at the reception. Traditional recipients include the bridesmaids, the pageboy or flower girl, the best man, ushers and mothers.

Traditional recipients include the bridesmaids, the pageboy or flower girl, the best man, ushers and mothers.

However, couples today often take advantage of this opportunity to extend their gratitude to a select few people not on the traditional wedding-day gift list but of equal importance. From beloved grandparents to dear friends, this can be a monumental moment that acknowledges those who have been silently supportive, especially helpful or who matter most. That said, tradition has it that those who traditionally receive gifts on a wedding day should always do so. This not only honours wedding etiquette but also provides entertainment when they are publicly bestowed with a gift, a kiss and a roar of applause!

Chief bridesmaid

The chief bridesmaid will have played an invaluable role in the bride’s life, much-needed support in the lead-up to the wedding and on the day. She should receive a gift of greater value than those given to the other bridesmaids, with ideas including a designer watch, a piece of jewellery, an engraved flower vase or spa day with the bride.

Adult bridesmaids

All adult bridesmaids should receive the same gift. There are numerous options ranging from charm bracelets and lockets, beauty-treatment vouchers, luxury cosmetics and perfumes, to engraved lipstick cases and silk shawls.

Younger bridesmaids, flower girls and pageboys

Young children enhance the day and while they don’t play a huge role, they will have spent hours rehearsing at home. Designer teddies, collectable figurines, colourful piggy banks, train sets for boys or lockets for girls are all enthusiastically received.

Best man

The best man will have lived in sufferance for weeks, repeating painful jokes in front of the mirror and planning his speech. He will have helped calm the groom on the day and his gift should be of higher value than that of the ushers. Classic ideas include designer watches, cufflinks, wallets, or engraved flasks or credit card holders. If you want to be inventive, shares in a favourite rugby team, tickets to a sporting event or a flying lesson are other options.


The ushers often play a minor but important role in wedding preparation; they may have attended rehearsals, rented a tuxedo or been instrumental in organising the bachelor party. They should all receive the same gift, and money clips, vintage wine, cufflinks, engraved tankards, designer pens or cigar cutters are perfect examples.

Mothers of the bride and groom

Mothers work tirelessly to ensure the day runs meticulously. Traditionally mothers are presented with a matching bouquet of flowers; however, this never seems quite enough. Nowadays personalised post-wedding gifts are sent, which can include a tree for the garden, a framed picture from the wedding or an engraved bookmark.

Any gift given on a wedding day will be of high sentimental value to the recipient for years to come. Whatever you choose to do, neither the size nor the cost of the gift matters, what’s more important is that it arrives with gratitude and love.

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