‘Four Weddings’: a new documentary exploring unconventional weddings across the world

17 May 2018

A new documentary that looks at four different wedding days has been released

Image gallery

Image gallery

Focusing on brides’ wedding days in the UK, US, Romania and India, new documentary Four Weddings explores the different ways society treats love, relationships and marriage across the globe. The documentary, supported by Nikon, examines how the couples met, what their relationship means, what their future holds and how their marriage relates to the challenges they face.

Read on to find out more about the four couples featured in the documentary:

Mike and Emma - Married April 10th in Devon, UK


After meeting at a gig and moving into a houseboat together six months later, Mike and Emma have been together for 10 years. Sadly, Emma recently discovered she has an incurable cancer, so has decided to embrace life by marrying Mike with all their friends and family present.

Esmeralda and Lindsay - Married April 7th in Cambridge, UK


Esmeralda and Lindsay fell in love while working for the US Army in Iraq. Because they were in the military, however, they had to keep their love a secret. This proved to be too difficult, and Es, who had always dreamed of a military career, was discharged for being gay. Four years and one dog later, Es and Lindsay celebrated their wedding with their friends and family in their new home in Cambridge, UK.

Ilanucă and Ionuţ - Married April 14th in Breb, Romania


Ilanucă and Ionuţ met through mutual friends in their home village of Breb, Romania, which is one of the last functioning peasant communities in Europe. They were the first to leave Breb, moving to Paris in search of economic prosperity, but returned home for a traditional wedding in their village.

Priyamvada and Divyabhan - Married April 22nd in Rajasthan, India


Turning perceptions of arranged marriage on its head, Priya – the youngest princess of the Bhinder Royal Family – and Divyabhan’s wedding took place at 440-year-old palace Rajmahal Bhindar. The couple’s marriage was arranged by their parents and Priya was initially unsure, but after spending less than an hour with Divyabhan and his family, she knew he was the one.

Four Weddings was captured using only Nikon equipment, demonstrating the video capabilities of the new D850 DSLR. View the full documentary below:

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