Four ways for the groom to personalise his wedding outfit

01 Mar 2017

Give the groom some ideas with which to put his own stamp on his wedding day ensemble

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While it’s tradition that the groom should not see you in your dress before the big day, there needs to be some form of coordination so that you can both choose outfits that reflect one another’s style. As there is so much choice for brides selecting their wedding dress, it can often be the case that the groom feels like he is working to match you, rather than having freedom of choice with his own attire.

However, while there needs to be an agreement on features like style and colour, there are some things he can do to really make the suit or tuxedo his own. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at four great ways your loved one can own his outfit and add a personal touch.

Go with a custom-tailored suit or tux

As we’ve mentioned, it’s important that you both agree what the parameters are for coordinating your outfits, but by choosing to go with a custom-tailored suit or tuxedo, your loved one can wear something truly unique. A good tailor will be able to measure up and make an outfit worthy of your wedding day, as well as providing a wide variety of choice when it comes to colour and material.

There are a lot more things to consider, such as whether you will get a completely bespoke or made-to-measure outfit - take a look at this comprehensive guide to tailored suits from The Idle Man which contains everything that you need to know.


Get creative with the boutonniere

A boutonniere that matches the bride’s bouquet is the traditional choice, but is becoming a trend for grooms to show a bit of individuality with bright colours or unique greenery as part of their outfit. Make sure that he chooses something that won’t wilt and is hardy enough to withstand the hundreds of hugs coming his way - other than that, he can really express himself. For some inspiration, look to Pinterest, which has thousands of examples of both traditional and non-traditional boutonnieres or check out these 11 quirky buttonhole ideas.

Choose cufflinks that match personality

The cufflinks may only be a small detail in the whole outfit, but they can really add a nice personal touch. Many grooms choose their cufflinks based on their interests, such as a small treble clef for a musician, while some select theirs just because they like a certain pattern or design. Encourage your loved one to look at retailers like Joseph Turner, who have an extensive range of cufflinks to choose from for your wedding day.


Put some thought into the choice of tie

The tie is the accessory that sits front and centre in a groom’s outfit, so it’s important that it isn’t too wacky or outrageous. That being said, there is plenty of scope for choosing something that shows individuality, while echoing the colour choices of the bride's dress and the rest of the wedding party. Subtle patterning or abstract designs that incorporate more than one colour give plenty of room for a personal choice that still matches nicely. There’s plenty to choose from out there; it just requires a little time and effort to track down the perfect tie.

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