Which flowers symbolise your wedding anniversary?

07 Aug 2019

We reveal the meanings behind flowers and which flowers symbolise each year of married life

Wedding anniversaries are a time for celebrating love and remembering vows. It’s a tradition started by Roman husbands, who would gift their wives a silver garland on their 25th wedding anniversary, now the tradition has introduced other precious metals and materials.

Online florist, Serenata Flowers, has revealed the flowers that symbolise each year of married life. 

Lucia Polla, marketing manager at Serenata Flowers, says: “Most people will know that wedding anniversaries are marked by gem stones and other special materials, but few people are aware that each occasion is also embodied by a flower.

“For centuries, flowers have been known to represent different traits and emotions and so it makes sense that an anniversary should be celebrated with a flower that synergises with the meaning of each occasion – from gifting a single stem or a full bouquet of your anniversary’s associated flower.”

1st anniversary – Carnation


A couple’s first anniversary is symbolised by Carnations. Red carnations symbolise admiration and white represent innocence. Carnations are a long-lived flower that promises a lifetime spent together.

2nd anniversary – Lily of the Valley


With their white hue and delicate petals, Lilies of the Valley are known as a sign of purity and have symbolised devotion for centuries. According to legend, a nightingale will only return to the woods in spring once the Lily of the Valley is in bloom – just as a spouse in their second year of marriage will eagerly await their partner’s return when they’re away.

3rd anniversary – Sunflower 


Sunflowers represent the third year of marriage. Their strong stems symbolise the strong foundation of a relationship and their sunny hues represent the warmth shared between lovers. Sunflowers turn their heads to follow the direction of the sun, symbolising loyalty.

4th anniversary – Hydrangea 


Hydrangea symbolises the growing understanding between two people. It also symbolises gratitude and is the perfect way to thank a spouse for another year of a happy marriage together.

5th anniversary – Daisy 


The meaning of Daisies is “forever love”. Whilst they may appear simple at first glance, a closer inspection reveals an intricate texture and petal structure. Just as a couple in their fifth year of marriage may begin to slip into mundane routines, the Daisy is given as a reminder that there are still surprises to be found.

6th anniversary – Calla 


The Calla Lily is an elegant and colourful bloom symbolic of growth, admiration and appreciation, and is traditionally gifted as a promise of passion.

7th anniversary – Freesia 


Presenting your loved one with a Freesia is a symbol of trust and faithfulness.

8th anniversary – Lilac 


With its enchanting scent and pretty purple petals Lilacs are a symbol of first love. Traditionally given on the 8th year of marriage, Lilacs are gifted to remind couples of the fiery romance shared in the early days of a relationship.

9th anniversary – Bird of Paradise


The 9th wedding anniversary is embodied in the Bird of Paradise flower – an exotic and magnificent flower symbolic of freedom and joy. It represents faithfulness and thoughtfulness. 

10th anniversary – Daffodil 


Daffodils are often used to signify memories and are a symbol of a decade spent in marriage. They also represent new beginnings; therefore presenting your spouse with a bouquet of Daffodils is a reminder of the memories shared throughout married life and a promise of more to come.

25th anniversary – Iris 


The 25th anniversary is represented by the Iris, which signifies faith, wisdom and promise. The Iris is also the symbol of France and heavily associated with Paris, the city of love. 

50th anniversary – Yellow Rose and Violets


The only anniversary that is marked by not one but two flowers. The contrasting colours of Yellow Roses and Violets symbolises the coming together of two people that complement and support each other despite their differences. Yellow Roses are symbolic of beauty and prosperity whilst Violets represent humility and commitment. 

To find out more about Serenata Flowers, or to find a bouquet for your next wedding anniversary, visit: www.serenataflowers.com.

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