Five tips for wedding entertainment on a budget

08 Mar 2017

How to save money on a winning wedding entertainment act without compromising on quality

A wedding day is one of the most magical moments in anyone’s life. So, to make sure your special day is memorable for all in attendance, your wedding entertainment choices will require some attention.

To ensure you get the best wedding entertainment without eating into your catering budget or having to cut back on your honeymoon activities, here's how to choose wedding entertainment while still managing to save for other areas of your wedding day.

1. Shop around

One way to browse your wedding entertainment options is by grabbing your soon-to-be spouse and planning a date that allows you to check out alternative types of entertainment.

Whether you’re looking for a band, a solo pianist or a singer, it pays to see each act in situ. Most entertainers will be happy to give you a taster of their skills, so spend some time with different performers and work out what feels right for you.

2. Look local

The benefits of looking local are twofold. Not only does looking for local wedding entertainment save on transportation costs, it also increases the chances that they have a local reputation that you can check out before investing your money.

Having found a local entertainment act, ask around. If the act can tell you of past wedding events of theirs, even better. With this information, you can contact the venue to check if they have a recollection of how the entertainment was received and if they maintained a professional approach throughout the event.

3. Prioritise

Prioritising will highlight the most important moments of your wedding day, and will also help you to think realistically about when you want the wedding entertainers to perform throughout the day.

Whether you’re looking for wedding bands in the North West or acoustic singers further afield, ensuring you have some kind of musical entertainment for the first dance and then to get the party started during the evening is a must - especially for those whose weddings start early in the day.

4. Avoid peak times

In-keeping with the rest of your wedding organisation, timing is of high importance. Avoiding peak times will allow you to minimise the cost of your wedding without making any sacrifices. While summer tends to be a costly season in the world of weddings, other times of year can see prices plummet - so be smart about dates and times.

5. Cater for everyone

Investing in entertainment that can double up - like a band that can sing songs suited for younger children, or a magician that can do both child-directed and more adult sets of magic - is a great way to cater for everyone, while allowing you to save money.

For those hoping to minimise cost without making any huge sacrifices, these five tips are an essential way to achieve both. Saving money on some aspects of the wedding where it’s possible, like your wedding entertainment, means that you needn’t cut back in other important areas - so use these top tips to help you start planning your wedding todaywithout the huge outlay.

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