Five things grooms need to consider when choosing their wedding shoes

07 Sep 2016

Ensure your groom is suitably suited and booted with these top tips to choosing wedding shoes

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For the uninitiated man, shopping for that big day look can quickly turn into a minefield of ill-fitting suits and misjudged colour choices. But even when almost all of the outfit is properly chosen, fitted, and paid for, many grooms forget to plan for one often overlooked essential: the shoes.

Don’t be one of those guys — let footwear specialist Charles Clinkard help you to help yourself with five things you need to consider when choosing your wedding shoes.

1. Think about the venue

Is your wedding going to be on the beach, in a field, or maybe in the woods? If you’re one of a growing number of people taking their weddings outdoors you need to take the venue into account. For example, you wouldn’t want the damp sand on a tropical beach ruining your expensive pair of dress shoes. Instead, opt for some casual boat shoes, like these Sperry Top-siders for a cool, nautical look.


2. Keep colours classic and simple

If you are having a more traditional wedding, try and choose a shoe colour that perfectly complements your suit. Most classic weddings call for a classic black, navy, or grey suit, so don’t get too adventurous with your choice of colour. Lifehacker have a great shoe and suit colour cheat sheet to help keep you on track.


3. Consider your suit when you shop

When you are shopping for your suit, you should also be trying out shoe options. Sometimes a particular suit just doesn’t match a certain shoe style, so it’s better to know sooner rather than later. Consult with the experts in-store and read The Idle Man’s guide to dress shoes before you begin trying to find the right match.


4. Keep styles in mind

When it comes to choosing the style of your shoes, there are some classic designs that are a safe bet — Derby brogues and Oxfords, for example. However, you should be wary of styles that might look a bit out of place or dated in your wedding photos. This means that you should banish any thought of wearing those white snakeskin boots or those winkle pickers with the razor-sharp toe.

That being said, there are a few footwear trends that have been repurposed for weddings in the last couple of years that look as if they could be here to stay. One of these is the Chelsea boot, which is now a mainstay of men’s fashion — unsurprisingly it has become a wedding favourite too.

You should also be willing to consider the resurgent Monk shoe style, which spent a few years in the wilderness but is now bang on trend again. These shoes borrow features from brogues and Oxfords, complete with the addition of one or more straps across the bridge of the foot. As long as you choose a sensible colour, this buckled style will look the part on your wedding day.

This round-up of the latest formal shoe trends by Brostick is a good place to look for inspiration. 


5. Comfort is important, too

Sometimes the best looking shoes on the planet will feel like vice grips on your feet. Be sure to shop for comfort as well as style, and remember to break them in before the wedding. Remember, you will be on your feet most of the day.

Take these five considerations into account when choosing your wedding shoes and not only will your look be complete, but you’ll have a stylish and comfortable pair of shoes to get hitched in too.

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