Five tell-tale signs that your partner is about to propose

24 Nov 2017

Are you at the stage of life where an engagement is in the offing? Here are the key signs to watch out for...

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Image gallery

1. He/she asks you your ring size

A blatant request for your ring size will indeed send bells ringing, or – if your partner is more subtle – your ring may mysteriously disappear from your jewellery box. Take note of an unusual interest from your other half in the rings that you currently wear and questions about the style of jewellery you like the most.  

2. A sudden trip away

If your partner wants to really whisk you off your feet during the big moment, he/she may consider a getaway for just the two of you.

Rob Illidge, founder of Captured Proposals, says: “Tell-tale signs of an upcoming proposal can include surprise trips and romantic holidays. Look out for spontaneous bookings, questions around available dates, and interest in somewhere new. Your partner may want your proposal spot to be unique to you both."


3. He/she has no comment on marriage... or more than usual

They have been vocal about the subject before, but all of a sudden your partner goes coy when asked for their opinion on the topic. Or, in contrast, they are now eager to tell you exactly what they think about weddings and what they would want themselves. Celebrity wedding news has become a new-found fascination of theirs and you notice saved episodes of Don't Tell The Bride on your TV (which you didn't record), all offering major hints towards a marriage proposal. 

4. You start suspecting the worst

Sometimes you start doubting your suspicions of an impending proposal and instead, your thoughts are filled with opposite ideas of betrayal or your partner calling time on your relationship. If your partner is planning a proposal, they will most likely have a lot on their mind and out-of-character quietness or abrupt responses may indicate that they are stressing out over something... we just hope it's what we think it is. 


5.  He/she starts making plans for special events

Got a special date coming up? It could be even more special this time round....

Rob Illidge says: "There will be annual occasions when the moment could arrive; we have planned proposals on birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and of course the most special day of all, Christmas. Look out for your partner taking care of plans, especially when they may usually take a relaxed approach to proceedings. If there’s an element of mystery around special days, there could be an additional surprise on the way."

While these are all key things to watch out for, it's best not to read too much into your partner's actions if you suspect a proposal... after all, it will spoil the surprise. Avoid prying too much and enjoy the suspense for as long as it lasts. 

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