Five regrets you'll have without a gift list

11 Oct 2017

A newlywed couple with no regrets is a happy one, so here's why you might make a big mistake by not opting for a gift list - from the experts at Prezola

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Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but foresight is better. Don't be a couple with regrets after your big day is over and ensure you stay fully informed throughout the wedding planning process. Here's why you might regret not opting for a gift list, as detailed by online gift list provider Prezola.

1. You might end up with things you don't want

No one wants the guilt of having to hang an awful piece of wall art just because your Aunty Jane didn't know what to buy. Make well-informed choices about the gifts that you do want to receive, then sit back, relax and have them delivered directly to your door. Consider items which you will love in the long-term rather than products that will go out of fashion before you say 'I do'. 



2. You'll miss out on bigger gifts you wouldn't be able to buy yourself

A gift list allows you to be well and truly spoiled with things like a KitchenAid, Sonos system or durable rug which you could never afford yourself. Shop around and add these items to your gift list completely guilt-free and give your guests a clearly defined list to choose from. 


3. It makes things harder for guests

Any wedding guest without a gift list will tell you that the struggle in finding a suitable gift for the happy couple can become bit of a headache, especially for those that don't know you so well. Even if you have asked for money, some guests prefer giving a more sentimental gesture that will remind you of them in years to come... but where to start in finding such an item without a gift list? By creating a gift list, it takes away a lot of pre-wedding stress for both you and your guests.



4. You might miss out on the honeymoon of a lifetime

Guest contributions towards your honeymoon can really help, so why give yourself more debt when guests want to give a gift anyway? Honeymoon contributions are also a more pleasant way of asking for money without sounding greedy and payments can be easily accrued in one central 'pot' online. 


5. You won't have the Monica from Friends delivery moment

There's nothing like the excitement of when a delivery arrives with everything you've ever wanted. It's better than Christmas, granting all your wishes in one swift delivery and making your house officially into a home. 



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