Five reasons why you need to think about wedding insurance

07 Dec 2016

A small price to pay when pitted against your wedding budget, here’s why wedding insurance is an essential consideration – by insurance brokers Worry+Peace

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It’s the biggest day of your life so why not cover yourself against every eventuality? While you may have planned your wedding to the nth degree, accidents, damages and cancellations can still happen and your-once dream wedding day can become a nightmare. Worry+Peace detail their top five reasons to consider wedding insurance.

1. You never know what can happen

It is a harsh reality, but the unthinkable should definitely be thought about prior to the big day. There are so many elements to a wedding that it is easy to lose sight of the fact of just how many people are involved – and how many people you are putting your trust in. What if your venue was to get into financial difficulty, experienced a fire, flood or heavy snowfall? On the big day itself, what if bad weather or illness causes a photographer or caterers to cancel, bad traffic meant your transportation didn’t arrive or what if the ring is lost or the cake dropped? So many variables come into play during the build up to your wedding and with it, a multitude of possible problems.


2. Peace of mind

Taking the stress away from the ‘what if’ scenarios, less stress is always good - especially on the best day of your life. While an extra expense, an insurance policy can protect your entire wedding expenditure, safeguarding your wedding budget and potentially offering compensation where it’s owed. Don’t leave it too late to get your policy in place.


3. Losing your documents (and your marriage)

Getting married abroad is becoming more and more popular, but what happens if you lose your marriage documents on the return journey? Legally, you won't be married, as you don't have proof. Wedding insurance can cover all reasonable costs of retrieving them, including travel and accommodation.


4. It's all about the venue

Venues are the most expensive part of any wedding budget, but what happens when you put down your (sizeable) deposit and something happens to the venue? Usually, people consider purchasing wedding insurance when they book their venue. Signing a cheque for thousands of pounds can put the whole wedding costs into perspective, and the costs of rearranging (aside from the massive headache) can be huge. In the event that the venue cannot host your wedding, any costs incurred to that point would be covered so you can rest assured that your money is secure.


5. It's more affordable than you think

With the average cost of a wedding now being in excess of £25,000, you may think insurance policies will cost the earth. Did you know that cover starts from only £16.78? More affordable than you thought, and definitely worth it for the peace of mind it brings… before, during and after your wedding day.

Take a look at BigDay Wedding Insurance Cover and obtain your 60-second quote:

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