Five reasons why you’re missing out without a gift list

03 Oct 2016

A gift list ticks so many boxes that brides who have used one will tell you that it’s an essential consideration. Prezola details five reasons why you’re missing out without one

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When you are undecided on what to ask for from your wedding guests, gift list providers, such as Prezola, are the Holy Grail to solving all your gifting problems. Straightforward, convenient and a stress-free way to getting exactly what you want, a gift list fulfils all the criteria. If you hadn’t considered one before or have ruled it out altogether, here are five reasons why you’re missing a trick….

1. The gift of giving

Believe it or not, guests actually want you to have a gift list. Not only is it a tradition that's gone back for hundreds of years so we're all used to it, but guests really want to buy you a gift to commemorate your special day. It's a slightly odd way to think about it, but they want to give you a gift that reminds you of them and that will make you so happy to receive. Most of us have all been there as a wedding guest; you want to buy a gift but have no clue what the couple wants or how much to spend. A gift list is simply guidance for them (plus you get to have lots of cool stuff you've always wanted).


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2. Have your dream honeymoon

It could make your special day that extra bit special. Nobody likes to compromise with their wedding, so spending more on the big day sometimes means that your honeymoon will suffer. With a gift list, you can create a honeymoon fund where guests can contribute to your romantic getaway so it's extra special and filled with unforgettable experiences.


Wild & Wolf

3.  Start afresh

Most couples are already living together before getting married, but it's often a clash of two individual styles. Gift lists allow you to create a brand new style that suits the both of you, and you're able to upgrade some of the cheaper items that were bought in a rush after university. Create a homely decor that is personal to you both as a couple and begin married life as one.



4. Splash the cash (without spending a penny)

Many couples are already dealing with student loans, building a career and probably close to looking for a house (or have already taken the plunge). Gift lists are a great way to get the more expensive necessities such as a KitchenAid stand mixer or statement rug that you wouldn't otherwise be able to afford. Friends can join together for expensive items that will really mean a lot to you… and make the marital home look extra pretty.


Plum & Ashby

5. Just what I wanted

You may end up regretting it if you don't go for a gift list. FOMO is something we all try to avoid, and we all want that 'Monica' moment from Friends where you're surrounded by gifts that you've already pre-selected. How many times in life do you get the opportunity for lots of pre-approved gifts? And with guests on your side too, it's a no-brainer.



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