Five reasons to honeymoon in the Greek islands

11 May 2016

Sunny, historic and culturally diverse, the islands that lay scattered off Greece’s twisting coastline are water-locked treasures just waiting to be explored. 

The perfect destination for a honeymoon, the Greek islands offer a variety of opportunities and experiences — from romance and relaxation to thrills and adventure. Travel expert and owner of Deep Blue Yachting, Cliff Blaylock unearths the hidden treasures of Greece.

Relax, unwind, and soak up the sun on a Greek Island beach

The coastlines of the Greek islands are among the most beautiful and luxurious in the northern hemisphere, rivalling tropical destinations like the Caribbean. 

The range of beaches found around the islands boggles the mind, featuring everything from cutaway coves and desert island paradises, to long open stretches filled with straw umbrellas, cabanas, and onsite cocktail bars. 

The brilliant thing about Greek island beaches is there’s so much on offer. Do you want to be waited on hand-and-foot, sipping drinks and dining by the water’s edge? There’s the perfect beach for that. Maybe you want to sit arm-in-arm with your partner, toes digging into the soft white sand as you sit in the shade of a palm tree on a beach that is all your own? 



Experience true adventure by sailing the Greek islands

Honeymoons aren’t all about hotels, room service, and sturdy locks anymore; newlyweds often look for something, new, exciting, and more memorable when seeking out a honeymoon retreat.

The waters around Greece are filled with thousands of islands and islets, some 200 of which are inhabited. Not only does this mean there are hundreds of unique populated islands to see and explore, but there are also over a thousand deserted islands to discover; places where few have ever even set foot.

Just imagine mooring up in the bay of an uninhabited paradise, laying on the beach with your spouse, just you and them on your own ‘private’ island for the day; an experience made possible by taking a sailing trip around the islands. The experience doesn’t stop here, however, and in just one whirlwind day you can have a move between multiple islands, soaking up sun and culture.




Travel back in time and discover an ancient world

The Greek islands have perhaps one of the longest, most illustrious histories of any geographical location on the planet. From the Minoans to the Byzantines, Greeks to the Romans, Persians to Venetians, all great empires and civilizations sought a piece of the Greek islands.

While the people who sought to conquer and rule the Greek islands may have been lost to time, their architecture and cultural influences still remain to this day.

Honeymooners seeking to discover unique locations and diversify their cultural horizons need look no further than a trip exploring the ruins left behind by history's most powerful empires. Marvel at these incredible works of architectural art, and immerse yourself in a world long since vanished from this earth.



Wander through Greek island village streets

The towns and sleepy villages of the Greek islands are wrapped in culture and a quaint, rustic beauty. Here, on the streets of the many coastal towns that are peppered across each island, there are opportunities for romance hidden around every corner. Whether you wind up sipping coffee by the water’s edge, in a small restaurant sampling the finest dishes and wine Greece has to offer, or just wandering the streets - taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of traditional Greek life, you and your partner are guaranteed to experience something worth remembering and treasuring.

Favourite honeymoon locations in the Greek Islands include Oia - famed for its pristine white architecture, luxurious villas and views, and unique sunsets - and Rhodes, known for its beautiful old town. 

While the old favourites definitely have a lot to offer, there is something to be said for exploring and discovering smaller, lesser known villages of the Greek islands. Perhaps finding somewhere special that is unique to your honeymoon, a place nobody else would ever think to go.

The island of Ithaca is a perfect example of a romantic place to explore, filled with beautiful little villages brimming with little family run restaurants, unique mementos, and one of a kind experiences. So rarely visited by tourists, honeymooners taking to the island are treated to a kind of peace only usually experienced by other island locals during low season.




Explore the depths of the Greek Mediterranean

The crystal clear azure waters surrounding the Greek islands may be the perfect backdrop for your picturesque honeymoon experience, but there is far more to it than meets the eye. Beneath the soft cresting waves of the Greek Med is a world full of life, colour and beauty. For newlyweds, the Greek islands are the perfect destination for two adventurous activities: snorkelling and diving. Both have their distinct benefits, in terms of experience and romance.

We’ll start with diving, which obviously lacks in romance (in the traditional sense) - unable to talk or even hold hands - but what it misses out on it makes up for in experience. Diving takes you into a deep, rarely explored part of the world, and this unique experience is one that can be shared and relived again and again.

With incredible wrecks, some home to relics from the ancient world, an array of life including large fish, octopus and the occasional dolphin or turtle, and incredible underwater landscapes, a diving trip around the Greek islands will leave you with plenty to reminisce over.



Snorkelling, by contrast, is very different. Although it may not match the majesty of diving the deep blue, the shallow waters around the Greek islands are still incredibly vibrant; offering the excitement of observing life beneath the waves and exploring kelp forests and enchanting underwater caves.

Snorkelling is a lot more accessible than diving; you need far less equipment and can jump in and out of the water when you please. It also allows for you and your partner to share and connect with the experience together while you are in the moment, meeting on the surface for chats, swimming around the shallows side-by-side without the fear of knocking respirators or oxygen tanks.

Experience one or experience both, just make sure you include an unmissable dip into the Mediterranean on your Greek island honeymoon. 



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