ANSWERED: Five key questions about your wedding ceremony

30 Apr 2019

When your wedding day looms, you'll have plenty of questions to be answered. Here are five key questions relating to your wedding ceremony

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Leave no stone unturned when it comes to your wedding ceremony by finding out the answers to your most pressing questions - and some you may not have even thought of. 

1. What does the pre-wedding interview involve?

While meetings for religious services are carried out before the wedding – usually when meeting with the priest or vicar, civil ceremony couples will usually be interviewed the morning of the wedding. This is just a formality where you will meet with the registrar and your details will be checked to make sure they haven't changed since you gave notice of your marriage.

The pre-wedding interview will take place in your licensed wedding venue where the groom is typically spoken to in the ceremony room and the bride in her bridal suite or alternative room. 


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2. Should I wear my engagement ring for the ceremony?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to your engagement ring. Some brides prefer not to wear it, while others will wear it on the opposite hand until the wedding ring has been placed and the engagement ring can be moved back to the third finger of the left hand. 

Tradition does dictate that your wedding band should be worn closest to your heart, but should you forget to remove your engagement ring before the ceremony - don't worry, you can simply switch the rings around later in the day. 


Image: Nick Karvounis via Unsplash

3. On which side does my father, or person giving me away, stand when walking down the aisle?

The left side. This is best remembered by: 'the bride has left her father for her right hand man'. This will ensure you are stood on the left hand side of your groom for the ceremony. Years ago the right arm was considered the sword arm of most fighting men and - to protect his bride - the man would hold her with his left hand and defend them from attackers with his right arm. 


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4. Where do I put my bouquet during the ceremony?

After you've walked down the aisle your bouquet can be handed to your maid of honour/bridesmaid or given to the registrar during a civil ceremony. The bouquet can be used as decoration for the table when signing the register and will be handed back to you when you are declared married and prepare to ascend the aisle.  


Image: Artsy Vibes via Unsplash

5. Do I sign the register with my maiden name?

Yes, you sign the register in the name in which you gave notice of your marriage and made your vows. You don't need to practise your new signature until after the wedding, when you will also have to contact all necessary companies and organisations such as your bank, HMRC and the DVLA to make your name change official – if you are changing your surname to your husband's or partner's surname. If you and your husband are adopting a new surname altogether the changes will have to be made by deed poll. 


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