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Five hen party games that guarantee a good time

07 Nov 2017

Get the party started with these fun and frivolous games designed for a hen party

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Every hen party requires meticulous organisation to ensure the bride has the best send-off into married life and what better way to break the ice than arranging a host of games to kick-start the debauchery? The perfect team-building activity, games can serve to put all members of the party at ease and form new bonds before the main celebrations have even begun. So without further ado, let the fun and games commence...

1. Dress the bride

You will need: Toilet roll... and lots of it

The premise: Split the hen party into teams and assign someone as judge and time-keeper. Each team should choose a team member to be the model and when the klaxon sounds, the team should set about creating a wedding dress using toilet roll. Five minutes will be sufficient time to ensure a set of beautiful brides to be presented for assessment. Stage a mini fashion show for the judge before the winning team is announced, prizes are issued and shots are served as punishment for the losers. 

2. Mr & Mrs

You will need: A set of questions for both the bride and groom to answer about each other. The maid of honour or assigned hen should get the answers from the groom prior to the hen party and for extra hen points, film the Q&A. 

The premise: The bride is given each question and should guess what her groom has answered, talking her hens through her thought process before the correct answer is revealed. Once all answers have been divulged, now it is the turn of the groom to guess what the bride will say. Add up the total of 'matched' answers and see which sex is the fairest of them all. 

Questions can include:

  • What is your favourite feature of his/hers?
  • When was the first time he/she said 'I love you'?
  • What is his/her favourite food?
  • What three objects would he/she save from a burning building?
  • Who is his/her celebrity crush?
  • Who would play him/her in a movie of their life?

While these questions are quite tame, hens can be as naughty as they like when devising the final list; take a look at this ultimate list of Mr & Mrs questions for inspiration. Just remember to be mindful and respectful of any relatives or friends who may be offended by the questions and also consider what questions the bride will be comfortable to answer infront of everyone. 


3. Biscuit bite-off

You will need: A few packs of round biscuits, such as Digestives. 

The premise: In teams or as individuals, hens are given objects to imitate by nibbling a biscuit within a given timeframe. Assign someone to act as judge and time-keeper and award points and prizes for the best effort. Here is an idea of the biscuit formations you can make:

  • A heart
  • A shoe
  • The Eiffel Tower
  • A man's... (ahem)

4. Who knows the bride the best?

You will need: Key facts about the bride, pens and answer sheets. 

The premise: Find out which hen knows the bride the best by running a factual quiz all about the leading lady. Again, you will need to assign a quizmaster - most likely the maid of honour - who will run through the questions with the bride before the quiz and can deduct points and issue penalties (namely in the form of shots) for any cheating. Hens can swap answer sheets at the end of the quiz to run through the answers. Key questions to include are:

  • What is the bride's birthday?
  • What is the bride's eye colour?
  • Where did the bride go to school?
  • Who was the bride's first boyfriend?
  • Who is the bride's favourite band?

Similarly, you could turn the tables on the bride so that each hen submits a lesser known fact about herself and the bride has to guess which person it belongs to. 

5. Hen treasure hunt

You will need: Lists of items to be sourced for each team, smartphones.

The premise: One to be played when out on the town, a hen-themed treasure hunt will allow the hen party to get up to all sorts of marvellously engineered mischief. Teams of three/four people will each be given a list of items to be obtained during the night, with photographic challenges documented on one team member's smartphone. Items to include in the hen treasure hunt are:

  • A man's business card
  • An item of underwear
  • A foreign coin
  • A celebrity lookalike
  • A photo with the bar staff

For more hen party inspiration, take a look at Bride's Hen & Stag Party Ideas.

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