Five favours for your boho wedding

28 Jul 2017

Keep your wedding environmentally friendly with these five boho wedding favours

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Image gallery

Looking for some eco-friendly favour ideas for your boho wedding? These five recommendations are sure to please.

Miniature succulents

From bouquets to headpieces, succulents are one of the emerging trends for 2017 and 2018 weddings due to their distinctive rustic look. They’re also a brilliant option for wedding favours. Cheap and easy to look after, every one is unique. Use them instead of wedding place cards, and let your guests know that they are welcome to take them home.

five-favours-for-your-boho-wedding-1Image: Pinterest

Homemade sloe gin

Sloe gin is one of the nation’s favourite drinks, and it’s easy enough to make. Start by freezing your sloes to simulate frost. This will split the skin on your berries so that they release their natural sweetness. Then, fill a large bottle halfway with the fruit, top it up with your favourite gin, and add two spoonfuls of caster sugar. Leave for about two months, and then it’s ready. For your wedding favours, fill small corked glass bottles with the drink and attach personalised labels and name tags.

Image: Pinterest 

Sachets of wildflower seeds

If you want to keep your wedding eco-friendly, sachets of wildflower seeds are the ultimate wedding favour. Use recycled paper to make your seed packets, and adorn with a message such as ‘sow the seeds and grow the love’. You’ll be helping the environment as well as making sure your guests’ gardens are even more butterfly- and bee-friendly.  

Image: Pinterest 

Homemade scented candles

Looking for a DIY project that your bridesmaids can get involved in? Homemade scented candles are perfect. Gather your friends at your house with some bubbly, and get stuck in. All you need are jars (such as old jam jars), soy wax, your favourite candle scent, waxed wicks, and a tool to melt the wax. You can also decorate the jars however you’d like, whether that’s with hessian fabric, lace, or traditional jam jar fabric covers.

Image: Pinterest 

Personalised crystals

This is an option for the more spiritual and holistic bride. Crystal use dates back to at least 6,000 years ago, and it is said that every type of crystal has a different property. For example, rose quartz is believed to attract love, and fluorite allegedly acts as a protective stone. Select some of your favourite crystals and attach name tags to them, with a brief explanation of each crystal’s properties.

five-favours-for-your-boho-wedding-5Image: Pinterest

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