Five bouquets which display the greenery trend

26 Jun 2017

Can't get enough of the greenery trend? Here are five floral arrangements to whet your appetite

Image gallery

Image gallery

Emerald and Jade Flowers

Bristol-based events florist, Fiona Lafon got married in August 2015 and had a eucalyptus bouquet with a few white flowers which withstood the 36 degree heat.



Images: Anne-Claire Brun

Lavender Green Flowers

"We work very closely with brides to make sure their bouquet matches their whole picture; it’s the little details which make all the difference. Greenery is one way to subtly personalise your bouquet, with favourite scents and beautifully versatile shapes. With this bouquet (pictured) we chose olive and rosemary among the bride's foliage, together with ruscus and green bells. Herbs like rosemary are always a welcome addition; they are known to have therapeutic fragrances and are often symbols for peace, thoughtfulness, remembrance and luck."


One Flew Over

"Our bride, Rachel, came to us wanting lots of different greens and just a few white flowers to stand out amongst it. We love using foliage, so were delighted to make this for her. Using different foliage varieties, from deep to silver greens, we wanted to give lots of depth and texture. The greenery trend lends itself to creating a bouquet with a natural, organic style like this, which we adore. The bouquet featured ranunculus, anemones, white avalanche roses, ruskus, olive, leather leaf fern, spirea, eucalytpus, parvi, and jasmine." Charlie Gozem


Willow & Blooms

"Willow & Blooms in Newbury created a stunning arrangement with this year's on-trend greenery. The bride holds a simple, yet timeless, bouquet of greens and cream surrounded by opulent and luscious table runners. The backdrop is finished nicely with subtle hanging pieces to complete this elegant look at Elm Farm Barn near Newbury." Vicki Lambourne


Image: Annabel Farley 

Nodding Violets

Locally grown and wonderfully scented, this woodland bouquet from Meryl Clarke at Nodding Violets in Yorkshire features rich greenery interspersed with pops of rich colour to add interest.