First Impressions of your wedding invitations

22 Jul 2011

First Impressionsof your wedding invitations

Your wedding invitations give guests a taste of what’s to come, heres are tips to get you started

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Image gallery

There’s little in the way of news that’s more exciting to receive, and deliver, than that of a forthcoming wedding. The bulk of mail delivered through the letterbox these days arrives in brown government-standard envelopes, so the arrival of a piece of classy-looking personal correspondence on the doormat is always very exciting.

As your guests open the envelope, the invitation you’ve sent is the first glimpse of your forthcoming big day. It’s the first chance to make an impression, create anticipation about the event, as well as provide the practical details of the day – date, location, proceedings. Your invitation will demonstrate the style and tone you expect the wedding to take, as well as showcase your personal taste.

There’s a wide variety of options, from homemade to printed do-it-yourself invitations, using professional templates accessible online, professional printers, or designing your own. What you do will depend on budget, how many people you’re inviting, who they are and the style, tone and theme your wedding will take.

The invitation is the perfect place to introduce the theme of your wedding, which may be something subtle such as initials or symbols that you carry throughout the printed literature or something more elaborate that extends to dress code.

You could have fun by delivering a ‘clue’ of what to expect, or perhaps use a caricaturist, or an illustrator, to create a humorous or magical representation of the bride and groom and the location you plan to marry in.

Save the date

People have busy lives and frequently book holidays so it pays to ensure they’ve ‘saved the date’ of your wedding well in advance. ‘Save the date’ cards are simply that, a request to enter the wedding date of the named couple in the diary. No other details are required, meaning they can be sent as much as six months in advance, before you’ve even secured a venue.

Stationery options – DIY or professionally printed?

DIY stationery adds a personal touch to your invitations. These days anyone with a decent PC and printer can make their own very respectable invitation on a high-gsm paper from a high street stationer. Photographs and individual art or designs can be incorporated through simple scanning and graphic design. Likewise, wedding websites have a range of invitation templates of various styles and designs that can be personalised with your own details and purchased online. Professional stationers, however, can provide that extra bit of class and individuality in both materials and design that you couldn’t achieve yourself: features such as the high-quality parchment scrolls sealed with wax or ribbon.

The e-invitation

Finally, there is the e-invitation – great for those concerned with not using too much paper and for those where money and time is tight. An e-mail invitation would generally present the key information, then link to a wedding website that provides more detail. The website can obviously provide a wealth of visual opportunities, from presenting the venue plus links to all nearby accommodation, to showing photo galleries and films of the soon-to-be bride and groom. It can also, of course, chronicle the happy day by recording photos, comments, thanks, even a honeymoon blog.


Wedding invitations, complete with full details of proceedings, should traditionally be received 6-8 weeks prior to the event. Before that, they’re likely to get lost; after that, there’s not enough time to allow people to plan transport, where they’ll stay and so on.



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