Five Ways to Conquer First Dance Nerves

03 Mar 2015

Five Ways to Conquer First Dance Nerves

Mrs P and P have put together some top tips for tackling the first dance and the nerves that come with it.

Is having all eyes on you your worst nightmare? Not a confident dancer? Then the idea of a first dance, although romantic for you and your partner, may leave you feeling very nervous, especially for shy couples.

The first dance is a long standing tradition and is a good way of defining your personality and style as a couple. It’s also one of the most memorable and intimate parts of the wedding day for you as a newly wed couple.

So if you want to keep things a bit low-key, here are a few simple ways keep the pressure off and still have a fabulous first dance.


Keep it simple

If you’re not the most coordinated person and you’re worried about your two left feet, the best advice is to keep the routine as simple as possible. This also works for those who don’t have a lot of time to work on their dance.

Stay firmly away from complicated choreography, no lifts or poses that may potentially cause accidents. Choose steps that you and your partner can execute smoothly and elegantly.

A simple wedding dance will be just as spectacular as a lift-filled, eye-catching display, and the intimacy between you and your partner will shine through. 


Sign up for lessons

A few weeks in advance to your big day, you might want to sign up for some dance lessons to calm your nerves. Choose a class that can accommodate your dancing skills and the old saying of ‘practise, practise, practise’ comes into play here, the better you know the music and the steps, the more confident you will be.

You can even bring in a little help from your dance instructor or bridal party and ask them to share the floor during your first dance. This can deflect a little bit of attention when everyone’s watching.


Dance to the song you want

Dance to “your song” so that when the music starts, a wave of calm and familiarity comes over you. This will also make the dance more romantic for you and your partner.

If you haven’t got a particular song as a couple, choose one that is significant to the occasion and has a simple rhythm that would be easy to dance to.


Hire a live charismatic band to play your first dance

If you want to distract as much attention away from you as possible, then hiring a live band might be the way to go. The members will be fun and interactive taking away some of the pressure and leaving you and your newly wed to just enjoy your first dance together. 


Involve everyone

Invite everyone to share your first dance with you! No one will focus on you, as everyone is busy watching his or her own feet. Your first dance need not be a nightmare. If anything, it can be a break from all the stress of wedding planning.

I hope these tips can help make your first dance truly memorable.

All images credited – Stuart Craig Photography

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