Favourite photos from South West wedding photographers

31 Jan 2018

A host of South West photographers share their favourite wedding images and explain their photography style

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Julie Louise Photography

"This is my favourite wedding image; for me, it encapsulates all that is beautiful about Devon. The amazing scenery and the grounds that many of the Devon weddings venues have; I really believe we have some of the best landscapes in the South West. I adore ensuring that wedding images harness this in some way, it is really important for me to make use of these amazing landscapes. It's important to have the natural candid images of the day but when it comes to having 'images for life', I like to create something dramatic and beautiful that will hang on people's walls forever."



Alex Toze Weddings

"For me, it’s all about the fun and raw emotion. I hunt for it and I capture it. With endless opportunities that haven’t happened yet, I anticipate what’s coming next and that’s exciting. I always make a point of inviting couples for a walk, break away from the wedding party, and spend quality time together. There’s no posing, I allow couples to interact with each other naturally, be themselves and when the moment’s right, capture it in the most beautiful way. This image taken at Rockbeare Manor in Exeter is a perfect example of that; no posing, just genuine reactions.” 



RingRing Photography

"One of our favourite images is this photo which shows the vibrancy of a summer wedding, a loving couple in beautiful surroundings, a perfect day. We specialise in relaxed formal and informal modern wedding photography, a blend of reportage and classic stylish images, all photographed in a friendly, discreet and fun way. We normally work as a couple - photographer and assistant. Our aim is to capture as much of your day as possible: the people, the details, the surroundings and of course, the fun and emotion for you to remember and cherish forever." Tim Page



McPherson Photography

“Your wedding your way - I bring my style and experience to help you capture your day just how you want it. I’ll work with you to make sure I know exactly what you want and then produce a collection of memorable images in a personalised story book. Unobtrusive, romantic and relaxed photography combined with classic portraits, I aim to capture it all down to the smallest detail. Twice voted a finalist in the Guides for Brides 5* Supplier Awards with many many testimonials over the years... my personal favourite? 'Stewart just cares about getting you what you want'." Stewart McPherson



Hart Photo

"I was fortunate enough to be allowed to document the bridal preparation. While the bridesmaids were busy helping the bride into her dress, I noticed how calm and serene she looked amongst all the mayhem around her. She happened to glance at me just as I squeezed the shutter release and smiled; in that instant I could see how happy she was, a lifetime ahead of her with the love of her life. Images like this are the reason I so enjoy photographing weddings, capturing timeless moments such as these - fleeting moments that are gone forever." Colin Rimmer



Norsworthy Photography

"Quite simply, I want to capture your story. With more than 25 years experience as a wedding photographer I know how to spot those moments and also how to create memories that last. I'm really well known for my artistic landscapes and architectural shots with brides and grooms placed in just the right spot, but equally known for capturing emotions and character. What's more, your guests will love me. Multiple international awards and a finalist in The Wedding Industry Awards keeps me shooting at a high standard." Martyn Norsworthy



Drew McDonald Photography

"You can plan your wedding day down to the last detail, but not mother nature. This was from one of the most challenging weddings I have photographed (shooting in relentless heavy rain) and it was also the most rewarding. I creatively used the tricky conditions and captured a unique portrait. Adapting to any circumstance that is thrown my way is just part of why I love being a wedding photographer. Weddings are like snowflakes, not one is the same."



Special Day Wedding Photos

"It’s always a difficult task to choose a favourite image. This picture from Natasha and Martin’s wedding in Torquay is one of my favourite photos of the year as the weather and light were perfect. I really enjoyed capturing the couples together; I find the right location, and then step back and capture the moments naturally rather than posing. This suits the couple as they end up with an authentic moment rather than one created by the photographer. I approach all weddings with that thought in mind." Anthony Lyons



Louise Richey Photography

"Whatever the weather, you can still have fun and get beautiful shots to cherish. My aim is to fit seamlessly into your wedding and capture every memory in a relaxed way – even in sideways rain. I love this shot because it’s not typical of a ‘perfect’ wedding. The mac belonged to a staff member and we joked about it finishing off the bridal outfit, the skirts were gathered to save the dress from the mud and my couple... they didn’t care. I use editing to enhance photographs and highlight memories while providing colour and black and white edits as standard."



Tom Frost Photography

"To choose a favourite image is as hard as choosing your favourite child while they are looking up at you with their big eyes. I chose this one as it is a perfect example of what I am constantly looking to capture. A moment in time that will never be repeated; an emotion captured between people that are close to each other and that will be cherished forever. I also like to capture grand landscapes with couples and lots of romantic shots, but what sets me apart from the other photographers is my unique ability to see things about to happen and capture them before they pass." 



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