Fascinating wedding traditions from around the world

29 Aug 2017

Want to find out how wedding traditions differ between countries? This article offers a glimpse into weddings around the world

Words: Georgia Selih

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Image gallery

Two people joining in a marriage is a custom that dates centuries back and, although some rituals are very similar around the globe, many countries have their own unique customs with special significance for the bride and groom. So, let us look beyond the well-known 'something old, something borrowed, something blue and something new' custom, and gain insight into the various fascinating wedding traditions around the world.

The United Kingdom – the cake teamwork

A wedding cake for a British wedding is typically a fruit cake - or usually features a tier of this kind - and it is almost always cut by the bride and the groom together, which symbolises their union in their marriage. A tier of the cake is sometimes stored (frozen) to be eaten at the couple’s first anniversary. It is also customary to send a piece of cake to he guests who were invited to the wedding but could not make it.


Source: Joanna Malinowska

Norway – a cake with a surprise

The Norwegian wedding cake, otherwise called kransekake, hides an interesting surprise. It is a wine bottle that appears after the guests break off pieces of the iced almond cake rings. 


Source: Yossy Arefi

India – better than jewellery

You know how wedding photographers love taking photos of rings, earrings, and pendants in focus. Well, when it comes to Indian wedding photography, the focus is usually on the hands of the bride and her girlfriends, which are usually painted with henna. This elaborate body art has its roots in distant past and it usually represents hope, love and joy – the perfect ingredients for an occasion such as a wedding.


Source: Perfect Moment

Greece – grooming for the groom

Whenever we are talking about wedding preparations, we usually talk about the brides: applying their make-up, doing their hair and putting on the wedding dress. However, Greeks know that the groom is also important and he is given a grooming treatment by his best man who is in charge of shaving the groom. And if that isn't enough, the mother-in-law feeds him almonds and honey.


Source: Angelina Litvin

Mauritius – a pre-wedding 'diet'

Almost everywhere around the world, the brides-to-be are doing their best to lose or maintain their weight so they can fit into their dream dress. In Mauritius, they are doing just the opposite. The Mauritian brides are forced to gain a few pounds before the wedding, because a 'well-fed' wife means a wealthy husband.


Source: Joanna Malinowska

Lebanon – a party from the very beginning

A traditional western wedding consists of a ceremony and a party that comes after. In Lebanon, nobody wants to wait that long to have fun. The celebration (Zaffeh) starts with music and belly dancing, and then moves to the bride’s house where the couple is showered with flower petals. After that, they continue with the ceremony.


Source: Saksham Gangwar

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