How to fake tan for summer weddings

06 May 2021

Get your summer glow on for upcoming weddings

With rising concerns about skin health and the increasing demand in skincare means more of us are choosing fake tan to be bronzed gods and goddesses. Particularly with being locked indoors looking back at the reflection that is now mostly makeup-free and au naturel, we need low maintenance ways to look good effortlessly.

The experts at Tanologist are here to answer your most asked questions about fake tanning tips: 

Does fake tan stain?

We want our tans to be as discreet and natural-appearing as they would if they were natural, especially if we’re sharing beds with our partners. Although tanning colour does wash out of sheets usually, we don’t want clean-looking sheets for a few days before they look stained and dirty. Use our range of tanning products that don’t have a colour guide, meaning it is clear when you apply it to your body. No colour guide means no blocked pores if you’ve shaved before tanning, no drying effect on the skin, and no tan-transfer onto bedding or clothing.

Why is my fake tan green?

This can happen if your tan is out of date or isn’t stored properly. This is called oxidisation. The tan guide colour is made up of three colours – red, yellow, and blue – and when the red colour oxidises, blue and yellow are left together to green. To avoid this, store your tan in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.

Does fake tan cause spots?

When we’re bronzed, we want our face to match our body, so we apply tanning product to our faces. However, some fake tanning products contain harsh chemicals which can irritate and dry out our skin. When our skin is dry, it overproduces oil which causes breakouts. Pores are blocked and our skin can become spotty. This can be difficult for people who have acne.

Self-tanning drops are the ideal solution as opposed to applying heavy tanning mousse to your face - which can also cling to dry patches of skin and look uneven and darker in some areas. 

How long does fake tan last?

The amount of time your fake tan will last depends on the prep beforehand. If you moisturise your skin building up to the application, exfoliate your whole body 24 hours before, and moisturise every day after, your tan could last between seven and 10 days. Avoid showering in really hot water so your colour isn’t stripped. Everyone’s skin cycle is different, however, but as long as you keep moisturised, you should be able to maintain it as long as your body allows you.

Can you fake tan on tattoos?

Yes, of course. However, if your tattoo is new and in the process of healing, however, you will want to wait two weeks to a month applying self-tan over the tattoo. This will allow it to fully heal while reducing the chance of developing an infection.

Is fake tan damaging for your skin?

Fake tanning is a safe alternative to being bronze without going on the sunbeds or lying on the beach for hours and risking developing skin cancer – fake tan removes that risk altogether, as well as helping avoid wrinkles from sun-damaged skin. 

Here are 13 self tan products to help inspire your summer glow: 


Tanologist Day Glow - A hydrating, dewy glow serum for daily use with a luminous, light reflecting texture for a radiant bright, dewy finish, £12.99 


Tanologist Self Tan Mousse Medium - A transparent water-to-foam formula to achieve an easy, all over, flawless bronze, £14.99


Tanologist Self Tan Drops Light - Designed to be mixed with your skincare, makeup, or body care, the drops are easy to apply, perfect for both newbies and experienced tanners. The more tan drops you add, the darker your tan, £14.99 


Tan Luxe Super Gloss - A multi-tasking, daily use glow serum to give you super sunny skin in your daily routine - combining skincare, makeup and SPF 30 into one supercharged bottle for an instant glow, £35


Tan Luxe The Butter - A nourishing gradual tanner that replenishes, hydrates, perfects, and illuminates all while creating a gradual tan, £24


Green People Gradual Tan Moisturiser - Formulated with organic rosehip, green tea and prebiotics, use daily to build up a natural tan on the face and neck. Perfect for all skin types, even sensitive and acne-prone complexions, £18.50


Green People Self Tan Lotion - A non-streaky, sweet-smelling, fast-absorbing formula that will leave you with a natural looking tan after just 2-3 hours, £23


Coco Dry Australia Drying Powder - A lightweight setting powder for your freshly applyed fake tan to ensure you stay bronzed for longer, powder and kabuki brush £58, spray bottle £19.99


Olivier Bonas, Coco and Eve Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam - Created with a formula that hydrates and firms skin, with ingredients including raw virgin coconuts, fig, mango, cocoa, orange, and papaya, this self-tanning treatment is enriched with powerful natural antioxidants and developed with a green-grey base for a natural-looking golden glow with no orangey tones, £26


St. Moritz Body Bronzer - A combact bronzing pressed powder ideal for tan-enhancing and highlighting for a defined photo ready tan, £5.99


Dove Gradual Tan - Containing subtle, gradual self tanners, this lotion prolongs a natural-looking tan whilst caring for your skin. Enriched with a blend of skin natural nutrients and rich essential oil to leave your skin full of moisture and feeling cared for, £2.99


Very, St Tropez Tan and Mitt Set - This bundle includes the super-lightweight, easy-to-apply, tanning mousse that delivers the ultra-even all-over tan which dries in just 60 seconds, and a luxe mitt for easy application,  £11.99

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