Extraordinary wedding cakes

07 Aug 2014

Top weird, wonderful and alternative wedding cake ideas

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Image gallery

You’ve looked at some unusual wedding venues in the UK, picked your alternative wedding dress and got every personal detail sorted. But what about the cake? You don’t want another boring traditional wedding cake like everyone else, but something your guests will remember as unique and different. 

• Cheese – For something a little different try a cheese cake. Now, we’re not talking a cheesecake like a fluffy, light, sweet cake, but actual blocks of delicious savoury cheese. This trend for the cheese cake is huge and will give your guests something a bit different to enjoy. Place wedges of different cheese on a tiered cake stand, decorate with grapes and serve with crackers. Maybe even place a little Mr and Mrs Mouse on top? 

photo from Juliet McKee Photography

• Pizza – If you and your significant other don’t have a sweet tooth, something savoury is required. The pizza cake is a unique and different cake which will keep your guests full, happy and will provide something to soak up the alcohol. Layer different sized pizzas on a tiered cake stand and serve with ketchup, mayo and napkins. 

photo via iamstaggered.com.

• Truffles – If you’re looking for something with some serious sophistication but a little different from a traditional wedding cake, how about truffles? These little chocolate delights are a hit with guests as they can easily pick and choose how many they want. Either place on a tiered cake stand or melt and attach the truffles to appear as a wedding cake. Sprinkle with icing sugar and decorate with flowers of your choice – simple, chic and elegant.  

photo from the little pink cake shop

• Waffles – Not your usual wedding cake, waffles are a sweet treat and offer a different take on the wedding cake. Create tiered layers of waffles and drizzle with a syrup of your choice. Accompany with berries to add a different dimension to the sweetness and let your guests enjoy something different but equally as sweet at your wedding. 

photo from Becca Rillo Photography

• Cake pops – Striking and cool, cake pops are a great alternative to the traditional wedding cake. Offering a little moreish bite of delicious cake, the cake pop can be displayed in many ways and can be many different flavours. Place them on a tiered cake stand or have one specially created which allows the cake pops to stand up in tiers. Guests can pick and choose how many they have and will enjoy the striking display. 

photo from sweetlaurencakes

• Burger – Not your average choice of alternative wedding cake but mini burgers are an interesting and creative replacement for a wedding cake. Have mini burgers created and layer them on a tiered stand. Serve with fries and condiments and American style decorations. 

• Pork pie – A traditional British delicacy, the pork pie has been enjoyed for years. If the idea of a sweet cake is not for you then why not try this savoury treat? Have three pork pies created in different sizes and layer then on a stand. Decorate with berries and leaves and offer with condiments such as mustard and mayonnaise on union jack napkins. The perfect British wedding ‘cake’. 

photo from love my dress

Rachel Sprules is the wedding co-ordinator for for Longleat House, Safari and Adventure Park. She has worked in the wedding and event planning industry for a few years and delights in being part of wedding couples’ special day ensuring everything runs like clockwork.


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