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Exotic destinations for weddings

04 Jul 2012

Exotic destinations for weddings

Look across the globe

With the wedding season is in full swing, some brides and grooms are going for the slightly more exotic and unusual destinations for the main event.

MarryAbroad.co.uk has found increasing demand for non-traditional wedding destinations and revealed the top five.

Whether its romantic tangos in Argentina, the beauties of the far east or the splendour of the world’s great cities many people are on the search for a unique experience.

Japan is a surprise popular destination with many couples choosing it as their preferred place to marry.

Site Founder Steph Bishop says, “For a culture which is far removed from the UK, Japan is becoming popular with couples wanting a completely unique wedding. The rise in the Japanese concept of ‘kawaii’ - meaning loveable or adorable, with a younger British generation, has in turn, lead to a greater interest in this country and its traditions.

“Japan offers a combination of tradition, heritage and beautiful landscapes. Whether couples choose to marry in springtime when the cherry blossom is out, summer when it’s clear and warm, autumn when the leaves turn and fall, or winter in the snow - Japan has a season to suit every ceremony.”

Newcomer to the site Cambodia has become very popular with British brides and is increasingly being picked as the prime wedding location with other far eastern destinations also popular.

Steph says that couples try and group their travel plans and marriage into one trip.

She said: “Exchanging vows at the ancient Cambodia temple of Angkor Wat or becoming ‘Mr & Mrs’, whilst sailing on a junk around Ha Long Bay (in Vietnam), are both more tempting than a white wedding at home these days, which may explain the increase in interest.”

Many people still associate Vietnam with the war of the 1960s and early 70s, but the truth is it’s a beautiful destination full of scenic views and large water fronts.

Usually, most couples will only getting a blessing there as there are residency laws when it comes to getting married.

Steph says, “Couples travelling around the country for some time may be able to legally marry in Vietnam, if they can prove “residency” for a certain period of time.”

Argentina is another destination which is on the up.

Steph said: “We’ve seen an increase in interest in South America in the last two months – with the most enquiries coming through for Argentina, which is ideal since the country has just changed the law last week, to allow non-residents to marry legally there.”

Denmark offers many benefits as it’s close to home and has a variety of scenery, from beaches, to forests and great atmspheric towns.

Steph said,: “Not many UK couples have discovered the delights of Denmark yet, so marrying here offers an unusual solution which is close to home, yet completely different to any other ceremony. And the marriage legalities are simple too.”

Other marriage websites have reported interest in Iceland, the lakes of Finland and the ancient city of Jerusalem with a beachside holiday in Tel Aviv thrown in.


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